Jeremy McConnell joked about ex Stephanie Davis' assault during a one-night stand

Jeremy McConnell was convicted of assaulting Stephanie as she held their then eight-week-old son Caben

                            Jeremy McConnell joked about ex Stephanie Davis' assault during a one-night stand

In August of 2017, the world saw the monstrous side of Celebrity Big Brother star Jeremy McConnell, when he was convicted of domestic assault on his former girlfriend Stephanie Davis even as she was holding their then eight-week-old son. Despite getting caught and serving 18 weeks in prison, he seems to have no repentance for his actions. 

A woman, who reportedly had a one-night-stand with Jeremy, has now anonymously revealed that during their time together, the reality star joked about the assault. He also allegedly made fun of Stephanie's post-traumatic stress disorder, the woman reveals to Mirror.

Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell at the final of Celebrity Big Brother at Elstree Studios on February 5, 2016 in Borehamwood, England. (Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)

"He would make little remarks, something like, ‘she deserved it’, or ‘I’ll do that like I did to Steph’ kind of thing," she said, adding, "He was laughing about the assault on Steph while I was there. And then he started laughing about the post-traumatic stress disorder." The mother-of-two also speculated that she felt like he was "trying to get her back or something," the way he kept talking about her.  

She reportedly met Jeremy on Instagram and accepted his invitation to join him at his hotel in London, where he was attending London Fashion Week. "I don’t know why I did it, I literally thought I’ll just try it out for a bit of fun. I’m not proud, I’m definitely not proud," she said, claiming she too was left "bruised and humiliated" after the "rough" night with him. 

Jeremy McConnell has been accused of leaving a woman he had a one-night-stand with bruises (Istagram)

The description of own experience with Jeremy seems extremely traumatic. She claims he did things to her that she certainly did not want or expect. He also seems to have deliberately made moves in the bed that would physically hurt her, including, "leaning his legs over and digging them into my legs so it hurt" and "leaning on me so I couldn’t breathe properly." 

After their night together, she allegedly got a "welling on my collar bone and a bruise" along with a massive hickey on the side of her neck which she "obviously" did not want. The woman also called Jeremy a narcissist after narrating that he kept saying he wanted to get her pregnant while having sex. 

Jeremy McConnell was a cast member in the seventeenth series of the British Celebrity Big Brother (Instagram)

"And when we were having sex, he said he wanted to get me pregnant. He says that to everyone apparently, he is extremely narcissistic... it’s literally like playing God," she said. "The whole experience was so derogatory, I felt absolutely awful, I couldn’t wait to leave." 

The only reason for her to come out with the story is to expose his evil nature to other women out there, she says. 

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