Paris Jackson is making her film debut in Nash Edgerton's upcoming action-comedy film Gringo, which features Paris as an alluring criminal (Nelly). The trailer for the film, which was recently released shows Paris convincing Miles, a guitar store employee (played by Harry Treadaway) to take on a dangerous task. 

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She is making her film debut in Gringo (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

"Are you in or out?" she asks. "Don't be a pussy." The task which Paris has in mind is for Miles to transport a revolutionary marijuana pill from Mexico in order to allow her bosses to manufacture their own variant of the pill. "So are you in, or out?" Nelly asks. "You can do this, it’s really not that hard."

However, Miles seemed to hesitate about the task as he fears he might be caught. At this point, Paris' character ups the payment from $10,000 to $20,000 which makes it hard for Miles to reject the offer. "Look, it’s just a couple of pills from Montie’s friend at some lab so we can figure out what’s in it and make his own," she says. "Plus it’s a free trip to Mexico."

She finally manages to catch the attention of Miles by saying, "If you don’t want 20 grand, that’s your business." The movie, which is said to release on March 9 also sees actors like Charlize Theron, Joel Edgerton, Thandie Newton and Amanda Seyfried in the film. 

Prince Jackson showed his support to his sister Paris for her film (Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for mothers2mothers and The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation )

While this might be the first time that Paris is coming on the big screen, this is not the first time that the actress will be taking up a role. She made her debut on Fox series 'Star' in 2017. In fact, her brother Prince Jackson is also aware of the big moment this movie is for Paris and decided to accompany her in Los Angeles for the screening of the film. 

Paris wore see-through mesh gown with a snake embellishment across the bodice, while Prince decided to keep it casual as he was seen wearing a black t-shirt and matching the bomber jacket. The brother-sister duo is together every time they have a big occasion. During one of his interview for the 'Today Show', Prince even praised Paris for everything that she had achieved in her life. 

You can watch the trailer for the film here: 

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