What split? Liam Payne and Cheryl's saucy bedroom confession on live TV says otherwise

The bedroom secrets of Liam Payne and Cheryl are revealed with Cheryl's "Don't stop" remark. We also spot a girl seated behind the couple, gesturing "call me" on live TV.

                            What split? Liam Payne and Cheryl's saucy bedroom confession on live TV says otherwise

Liam Payne and Cheryl made their first red carpet appearance since becoming parents at the BRIT Awards despite rumors of their split spreading like wildfire. But it is not just the rare turnout that got people talking, in fact, it is Cheryl’s cheeky comment on their sex life that made the sight awkward with the host Jack Whitehall.

Hours before Liam went on stage to perform the Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack song For You with Rita Ora, the smitten couple was picked for an on-air interview for the ITV viewers at home. In reference to Liam’s upcoming performance on erotic thriller’s S&M theme, Jack playfully asked him about his involvement with Fifty Shades.

"You're performing later, the song from the Fifty Shades film, it's going to get quite saucy... is there a safe word?" The comedian asked. Liam, 24, motioned towards Cheryl, 34, who instantly leaned forward, “She knows what the safe word is,” to which the former Girls Aloud star responded 'Don't stop!'

While Liam couldn’t stop laughing at his girlfriend’s response, Jack seemed to have been taken aback by the response. As for the couple, it was the first time they were spotted publicly together after giving birth to their 11-month-old son, Bear. The past few weeks had seen ample scrutiny on their relationship status, with reports claiming they are in a relationship “crisis”.

The couple show up to the BRIT awards together and in style

Dismissing it all, or so, we think, the couple showed up together and has the world talking about their sex life. Comedian Jack, casually began the conversation by picking “How's date night going so far?” “Going great so far,”' Liam responded. Mischievous Jack then asked the pair to wave to their "little man" Bear at home, but instead, the wave was directed to Liam's former band-mate Niall Horan by Jack adding: "Hello Niall!". The audience cracked up in laughter.

On a lesser hyped spotlight, we couldn’t miss Este, the Haim singer seated behind the couple and playing with the camera. While Cheryl and Liam are interviewed by the 29-year-old comedian. The viewers can see her wink, apply lipstick with her fingers, pout and gesture the viewers to “call me”. The timing coincides with Cheryl’s “Don’t Stop”.  Too many cheeky things in one frame!

Video source: The Mirror 

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