Heather Locklear spiralled into alcohol addiction amid fears that Hollywood had forgotten her

Heather Locklear, who once starred in famous TV shows like Dynasty, Melrose Park, and Two and a Half Men, battled with alcohol addiction days before she attacked boyfriend on Sunday, February 25th.

                            Heather Locklear spiralled into alcohol addiction amid fears that Hollywood had forgotten her

Dynasty actress Heather Locklear was reportedly in a dark place before she attacked boyfriend Chris Heisser at her home in Thousand Oaks on Sunday, February 25th. Those close to her said no one could get through to Heather in the days preceding the attack. One insider said the Melrose Park actress's daughter Ava tried to reach out to her but couldn't. 

Heather would stop drinking after an intervention but would relapse again. The insider added, "It’s truly a very sad situation. No one can reach Heather, not her brother, Ava, or ex-husband, Richie Sambora, who has remained close to her," US Weekly reported.

It's unclear what spurred on the alcohol addiction but the Two and a Half Men actress reportedly feared that she was a forgotten face in Hollywood. Heather hadn't gotten a role in a while and that only added to her anxiety, a mental illness that she battled with previously.

In this handout photo provided by the Ventura County Sheriffs Office, actress Heather Locklear is seen in a police booking photo after her arrest on charges of suspicion of domestic battery and assaulting a peace officer February 25, 2018 in Ventura, California. Source: Getty Images

In June 2008, she entered a facility in Arizona to treat her anxiety and depression. However, the actress returned home a month later and a close friend said, "Heather’s feeling really great and she looks beautiful, just radiant," according to People. 

Heather entered rehab again in January 2017 but said in a statement that she felt great and wanted to enrich her life. "Currently I am working on tying up some loose ends regarding certain issues so I can hit 2017 full steam ahead," Heather said.

However, the start of 2018 has proven to be quite disastrous for the actress. She was arrested on Sunday night on suspicion of domestic violence and battery. According to various accounts, Heather tried to bite off her boyfriend's nose and punched a female law enforcement officer before she was taken into custody.  

Her friends told People that they hoped Heather will try to get her life "back on track" after the arrest. "She has to be ready to fix it herself. She knows help is available, she’s sought it out before, but you can’t force anybody to get help," the source said.

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