The full list of exclusive releases for Record Store Day 2018 is out, and here's our pick of the 10 best

Almost all the releases lined-up are limited editions, featuring unreleased tracks, special artwork and rare remixes. Run The Jewels have been dubbed Global Ambassadors this year. Read on to see the full list as well as our pick of the 10 most anticipated exclusive releases:

                            The full list of exclusive releases for Record Store Day 2018 is out, and here's our pick of the 10 best

The best day of shopping for audiophiles and music-lovers, Record Store Day is back for 2018, with this year's edition falling on April 21. Almost all the releases lined-up are limited editions, featuring unreleased tracks, special artwork and rare remixes, with a few new tracks and some highly exclusive collectibles, in formats ranfing from 7", 12" LP's and even casettes. This year, Run the Jewels have been dubbed the RSD Global Ambassadors.

The whole giant list, catalogued alphabetically, along with total number of copies produced is out on the official website of Record Story Day.

Meanwhile, if you don't feel like sifting through the entire list, here is our pick of top 10 from the list of exclusive releases:

1. Arcade Fire EP


Arcade Fire released their self-titled debut EP back in 2003, a year before they cemented their unique baroque-pop sound on their debut album, 2004's 'Funeral'. Two years later, Merge Records re-released it on CD, and for the first time ever, 3,000 copies of the 'Arcade Fire EP' will be pressed on vinyl. The seven-track release includes a choppy, raw recording of 'No Cars Go', which was polished and re-recorded for 2007’s 'Neon Bible'. Listen to a grainy version of the recording below and book your very own copy of the EP to experience the real deal:

2. Led Zeppelin's limited edition 7" vinyl

Artwork for Led Zeppelin's Record Store Day limited edition 7” single. (Image Credits: @ledzeppelin via Instagram)

Led Zeppelin has announced that a 7" vinyl single featuring two previously unreleased recordings -  the Sunset Sound Mix of 'Rock and Roll' and the Olympic Studios Mix of 'Friends.' Both mixes were produced and curated by Jimmy Page. The Sunset Sound mix of ‘Rock and Roll’ was initially recorded during the release of 1971’s 'Led Zeppelin IV', while ‘Friends’ comes from the recording of 'Led Zeppelin III' in 1970.

3. Courtney Barnett

Courtney Barnett will reissue 'A Sea of Split Peas,' a collection of her first two EPs, 'I’ve Got A Friend Called Emily Ferris' and 'How To Carve A Carrot Into A Rose.' For Record Store Day, the double EP will be available on picture disc and comes with a commemorative Mom+Pop 10-year poster, temporary tattoo and an instant digital download. Additionally, Barnett will release a 12-inch containing two tracks from her forthcoming album.

4. Run The Jewels

Run the Jewels will release an exclusive 12" vinyl for Record Store Day. (Image Source: Pinterest)

Run the Jewels, this year’s Record Store Day Global Ambassador, will release a Stay Gold metal box set featuring a clear etched vinyl 12-inch with Marvel Comics branding, an RTJ slipmat, and sticker.

5. Blue Planet II (Original Television Soundtrack)


Hans Zimmer's larger than life Original Television Soundtrack for BBC's 2017 will be released on a colorful exclusive 2-part vinyl for Record Store Day. While A digital soundtrack was released on 29 October 2017, and a single physical disc was released 1 December 2017 in the UK, the eye-catching deep blue vinyl is an exclusive release.

6. David Bowie

Three Bowie exclusively are set to be released come April 21. First up is the release of Bowie’s ‘Welcome To The Blackout (Live London ’78)’ album as a 3xLP set. The record features recordings from Bowie’s ‘Isolar II’ tour performances at London’s now-demolished Earls Court on June 30 and July 1, 1978.

A 12-inch single that includes the first-full length version of 'Let’s Dance' (along with a live version on the b-side) is the second in line of releases. And finally, ‘Bowie Now’ – a rare 1977 US only promotional-only LP, featuring tracks from ‘Heroes’ and ‘Low’ – will get its first commercial release.

7. Prince: 1999 (one-disc edition)

Image Source: Pinterest

Back in 1983, the European division of Warner Bros records deleted half of Prince's career-making double album '1999' and issued it as a single disc, incorrectly assuming audiences couldn't handle such an intense dose of funk.

After the success of 'Purple Rain' in 1984, the edited version of '1999' was tossed into the great pop dustbin and the double-disc was reinstated. This heavyweight vinyl reissue for Record Store Day is the first new pressing of the cut-down edition in 25 years.

8. Pink Floyd's Piper at the Gates of Dawn

Image Source: Pinterest

An official release for the out-of-print mono mix of Pink Floyd's debut album, which many sworn Floyd fans prefer to the more widely-available stereo version, is scheduled fro the big day. It also includes a poster of the original artwork.

9. Brian Eno/Kevin Shields

Brian Eno and My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields will release an exclusive 12-inch featuring their recent collaboration, “Only Once Away My Son”, along with a new track called “The West of History in Clouds”, released as part of Adult Swim’s 2017 Singles Program.

10. Irvinie Welsh and Arthur Baker

Image Source: Pinterest

Irvine Welsh is reuniting the Trainspotting cast - Renton, Begbie, Sick Boy and Spud - for a third and (supposedly) final novel, due on 29 March. The plot involves organ-harvesting and Hibernians' Scottish Cup Final victory over Rangers in May 2016 - and ends with one of the characters wearing the titular "dead man's trousers".

To launch the book, Welsh has teamed up with US hip-hop producer Arthur Baker to record two new tracks, which could shed further light on the plot. The tracks will be exclusively launched on vinyl for Record Store Day.

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