Florence + The Machine's new album expected in 2018: Everything you should know

It has been three years since Florence + The Machine dropped their last album, ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’ and it looks like their fourth LP is set for a 2018 release. Here's all you need to know about it:

                            Florence + The Machine's new album expected in 2018: Everything you should know

Florence + The Machine‘s fourth studio album has been eagerly awaited by fans since the release of Florence Welch and her band’s acclaimed third album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful in 2015. Generally, the London based alt-rock sensations have dropped new record every two to three years. Their debut effort Lungs was released in 2009, followed by their sophomore record Ceremonials in 2011. Constantly outperforming themselves with every new release, all eyes are set on the 'Ship to Wreck' hitmakers as we await their latest offering.

So here’s a quick breakdown of everything you should know about the upcoming album.

What's the new album called and will it be out this year?

Yes, the album will definitely be released in 2018, although it doesn't have a working title yet. In a post on the Virgin website, Ted Cockle, CEO of Virgin Records, was quoted as saying the label are “looking forward to great new music from Florence + The Machine, Blossoms, Chvrches, James Bay and Shawn Mendes” in 2018.

Florence + The Machine will be performing at Poland’s Orange Warsaw Festival on June 2, and the festival’s website recently speculated that the new album will be released in 2018, adding that fans could even hear it before the summer comes, so it might be out sooner than expected.

Florence + The Machine will be performing at Poland’s Orange Warsaw Festival on June 2nd. (Image Source: facebook)

Meanwhile, rumors suggest that Brett Shaw, who produced 2015’s How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful has been working on the new record and long-time collaborator with the band Sally Herbert confirmed on her webpage profile that she has finished working on the string arrangements for the forthcoming record, though no indication of release date is given on the page. 

Brett has spent 2017 recording the upcoming Florence And The Machine Album at 123 studios and out in L.A., the official biography page for Shaw on the Spanish blog Binaural states.

Binaural has also shared a birthday note from Florence to Shaw which is dated from January 2017 – suggesting that the new record has been in development for well over a year.

What has the band said about the new album?

It has almost been three years since the band's last LP, 'How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful', which saw them at their most mature peak. (Image Source: Pinterest)

Last year, in an interview with The Telegraph, Welch confirmed that she's working on her 4th album, and it's inspired by the depression she experienced after a breakup with ex James Nesbitt in 2014 and subsequent downward spiral into alcoholism.

“I’m happier now, I’m content, but I’m never going to be fixed, ever,” she said. “I don’t think that’s how it works. A lot of things almost worked for me: partying almost worked, being famous and successful almost worked, the relationship almost worked… but it won’t sustain you. These are transient things. It’s working out how to be OK regardless,” Welch said in the interview.

So we can definitely expect more of the urgency and rage that underlined the previous album. Surely it will be interesting to see where the band takes their sound after peaking at arguably their most mature phase in 2015.

What has happened since the last album?

Florence + The Machine stepped in for the Foo Fighters after they had to cancel their headliner slot at Glastonbury 2105. (Image Source: Imgur)

After the release of How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful in 2015, Florence + The Machine stepped in for the Foo Fighters after they had to cancel their headline act at Glastonbury 2105. Welch had previously broken her foot while performing at Coachella the same year. Since then, Florence has announced her debut book release, Useless Magic, which will consists of lyrics, poetry and art from Florence's sketchbooks.

The book is scheduled to be published on July 5. More recently, in 2017, she worked with RZA and Interpol’s Paul Banks on their collaborative album, Anything But Words. So it looks like Welch has kept herself busy, with quite a few side projects running at the same time.

Will there be a tour?

All signs say yes! The band has been touring exclusively for a while now. Last year, Welch teased her return by announcing festival appearances for 2018. As well as Orange Warsaw Festival, she will take her band to Germany’s Melt! Festival in July. She also confirmed via Twitter that the band will perform at Bilbao’s BBK Festival also in July.

Any exciting guest collaborations?

Welch has announced that she got in touch with Lady Bird filmmaker Greta Gerwig (who is nominated for an Oscar this year for her directorial debut venture) while working on her new album and the pair have since collaborated on a photo shoot.

“That songs can be triumphant and exciting but at the same time you just don’t have it figured out, that things can be joyful and you can be strong but there is an underlying sense that all the time you are questioning—I thought Greta would get it,” Florence said in an interview with W magazine.

“I’ve never had anyone describe my music in the most perfect way. Greta said, ‘I like it because it’s like the deepest, darkest well of pain, and then you just throw a big party in there and invite everybody.'”

When is the album due?

Although there have been no offical announcements and teasers so far, all related activity to the new record suggests that it will see the light of day within the first half of 2018.

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