When will Stray Kids's Hyunjin return to Mnet's 'Kingdom'? 5 reasons why his absence can cost the K-pop group

'Paired with his explosive rap, sharp and articulate dancing skills, soulful vocals and THAT face, he is one of the best performers K-pop has to offer'

                            When will Stray Kids's Hyunjin return to Mnet's 'Kingdom'? 5 reasons why his absence can cost the K-pop group
Stray Kids' Hyunjin remains one of the group's topmost performer (JYP Entertainment website)

Stray Kids' Hyunjin has been a crucial part of Stray Kids' rise. The K-pop artist is known as the main dancer, lead rapper and visual of the group. However, the 21-year-old Stray Kids heartthrob has been MIA from social media for more than two months now and as Stray Kids battles for the crown in Mnet's 'Kingdom', here's how his absence will affect his K-pop group.

Stray Kids emerged as the winner of the preliminary round in Mnet's 'Kingdom'. The group performed with Hyunjin in their introductory stage which went to become a buzzing topic on Twitter. After the first episode, the K-pop singer has been missing from the shooting of the reality competition following the school bullying allegations against him which emerged on social media. Though JYP released a statement later on how Hyunjin has personally apologized to the classmates that he had unintentionally hurt, he was asked to sit aside from 'Kingdom.'


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Hyunjin was last seen in 'Kingdom' Episode 1 (Realstraykids Instagram)

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While there is no confirmation if Hyunjin will be back in Mnet's Kingdom or not, fans wholeheartedly hope so as the performer's magnetic stage presence elevates the group's energy on stage and if there is one thing that Stray Kids can pull off flawlessly, it is their zest and electrifying vigor on live stages, that is almost unmatched by any other fourth-generation K-pop group. A fan noted, "i really hope hyunjin comes back soon but realistically speaking he’ll probably be back around when kingdom’s ending!" Another slammed the entertainment mogul JYP stating, "I will forever hold Hyunjin’s hiatus & mistreatment against JYPE. So many precious moments have been taken away from him - celebrating his OWN birthday, skz debut anniversary, performing on Kingdom. Even when Hyunjin returns I can’t just forgive & forget this!"



5 reasons why his absence can cost Stray Kids the winning strike

Stray Kids stands as one of the strongest contenders of the 'Kingdom' trophy but without Hyunjin, can they make it to the winner's stage? Here's how Hyunjin contributed to Stray Kids' enigmatic charm.


Live stage presence

Hyunjin has a godly live stage presence, not only as a dancer but also with his striking expressions which always fit the theme of their performance, taking it up a notch. For reference, here's Stray Kids' performance for MAMA 2020 which sent Twitter to meltdown given the energy the K-pop star brought to stage.



Hyunjin can adjust to any concept and execute it beautifully

Speaking of his ability to execute any concept, a Reddit user wrote, "Fluid, expressive and versatile; he can do ANY concept. I also think he is very respectful when doing female group covers. 'Psycho' was a VERY good example. Other also include 'Boom Boom,' 'Fancy' and 'Ohh Ahh.'" Check out his 'Psycho' fan cam down below.



'One of the best dancers of K-pop fourth generations'

When it comes to dancing, there is no denial of Hyunjin's talent as he exudes charisma every time he hits the stage. A Reddit user said, "Hyunjin’s body lines and angles are impressive, especially when he does jumps or curves his body. His posture is good and I think that adds to his stage presence," and added, "He also seems to understand dynamics pretty well. For example, in Back Door’s chorus, he does the knocking part lightly and then hits the move after harder. I find it very entertaining to watch him dance and perform. And it’s not solely because of his visuals or facial expressions; it’s also because of the variety in his dancing." Here's a fan cam of Hyunjin to prove the claims.



Explosive rap

Not just stage presence or dancing, Hyunjin is an ace when it comes to rapping and spitting fire. Check Hyunjin's raps here.




Hyunjin is a wholesome performer who comes with all guns blazing. A Reddit user wrote, "Paired with his explosive rap; sharp and articulate dancing skills; soulful vocals and THAT face; he is one of the best performers K-pop has to offer. He really embodies the essence of the dance and just exudes charisma and presence on stage." 



Stray Kids as a group remains one of the topmost fan-favorite of 'Kingdom', but fans hope that JYP Entertainment pushes to bring Hyunjin back as he will definitely ensure the group's winning odds tenfold.

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