Cheryl is reportedly constantly 'nagging' Liam Payne about always being on the road

Cheryl and Liam Payne have reportedly been having lots of fights and one of them happens to be because Liam has been spending a lot of time away from home.

                            Cheryl is reportedly constantly 'nagging' Liam Payne about always being on the road

Cheryl and Liam Payne have been having a hard time convincing fans that everything is well between the two as various sources have reported that the couple has been spending a lot of time apart. According to New! Magazine, things started crumbling down after the former 'One Direction' member decided to focus on his solo career. 

She reportedly has a problem with Liam not being there enough for his family (Twitter)

Even though Liam has managed to make a name for himself, Cheryl does not seem to be happy about the fact that he no longer spends much time with his family. According to the report, Cheryl has been 'nagging' Liam with the same and has been complaining that he has been spending a lot of time on the road and not with her or their 11-month-old son Bear. 

"Cheryl doesn't hold her temper in and it's worse than ever since he's spent lots of time away from working on his album," a source told the magazine. "She knows she's been pushing him away by nagging at him when he comes home, but it's like she can't help herself. Liam then just does another disappearing act, leaving her with the baby."

However, this is not the only cause of argument that the couple has been facing. Another problem which the couple seems to face is the fact that Cheryl's beloved mum Joan living with them at their Surrey mansion. "She moved Joan in practically full-time but that's adding to the problem," the source said. 

The pair reportedly spent time apart after the Brit awards (Twitter)

Liam reportedly feels that with Joan in the house, a part of his privacy has gone. "Liam feels he never has privacy when he's at home because Joan is always around. Cheryl listens to her mother's opinions on all things and when Liam is at home he feels he can't do right for doing wrong with his own son," the source further revealed. 

This comes after The Sun reported that the couple spent time apart from attending the Brit awards. Liam reportedly headed for the £69-a-night Heathrow hotel even though he and Cheryl shared a home just 30 minutes away from the airport. Recently, the singer was also spotted with a female team member in the balcony of the Miami hotel he stayed.

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