Britney Spear's ex Kevin Federline wants mo'money. He's looking for an increase in child support fees from the pop star.

Kevin Federline wants Britney Spears to cough up more money. (Getty)

According to a report by Us Weekly, Kevin wants Britney to cough up more money for child support after learning of the success of her Las Vegas residency show Piece of Me. The show has been running for four years and has grossed over $137 million.

Britney has had a wildly successful Las Vegas residency show for the past four years. (Getty)

Kevin was Britney's backup dancer and the two were married from 2004 to 2007. They have two children together, Preston, 12 and Jayden, 11.

Currently, the aspiring rapper receives $20,000 a month in child support. Britney lost sole physical and legal custody of the boys after her very public breakdown in 2008.

A source told Us Weekly that Kevin believes that Britney's success is due to her kid's influence in her life. "Britney's entire world are the boys, period. She just lights up when she is with them," said the source.

Kevin just hopes that both parties recognize his effort. (Getty)

Kevin, who is currently married to professional volleyball player Victoria Prince, supposedly hopes that his request for an increased child support will make sure that both sides take note of the efforts he's made in raising the boys.

He hopes that all parties "recognize the sacrifices he has made because he has gone above and beyond what most people would do in this situation," said the source.

Britney will not be involved in the court proceedings. (Getty)

Kevin and Britney have decided to hash it out in court. The source said that Britney's father Jamie isn't going to easily fork over the cash on demand since Britney won't be involved in the negotiations.

Meanwhile, Spears has been dating 23-year-old personal trainer, Sam Asghari.

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