Kanye West teases paparazzi by 'peeing' on the streets as Kim Kardashian looks away and laughs

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West happened to be a part of a hilarious moment when Kanye pretended to pee in public to tease the paparazzi.

                            Kanye West teases paparazzi by 'peeing' on the streets as Kim Kardashian looks away and laughs

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West share a sweet relationship and even though it is not often that we see the rapper smiling or joking, his recent act might just make you burst out laughing. Recently, the pair arrived at a warehouse in LA, according to TMZ, where, needless to say, the paparazzi followed them wherever they went. 

Kanye pretended to pee while Kim laughed (Twitter)

During this, the reality star was showing off her new pink hair and while there is no doubt that she looked flawless, Kanye decided to crack a joke of his own and show off his humorous side which is not seen too often in public. In the photo, it appears that Kanye is relieving himself in public as he 'pees' on a wall. 

Being unaware of this, when Kim decides to turn back to take a look at Kanye, the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star burst out laughing. But it is quite possible that Kanye was just trying to be funny as the couple was fully aware that the cameras were following them. While Kanye might have stolen that moment, one simply cannot take eyes off Kim's stunning makeover with her new pink hair.

The reality star had given a glimpse of her new hair color in a Snapchat picture. Teasing the new hair color, she asked her fans, "Hey guys, do you like my new pink hair?" She then shared a second picture in which she showed her new locks while playfully sticking out her tongue.

Kim recently debuted her pink hair color (Twitter)

Many believed that Kim was just messing around and she was instead using a wig. But she quickly shut down the rumors by writing on her Twitter, "I don’t really do wigs. It’s real." This comes after she had spoken about how she was "over" being blonde. Over the years the reality star has had several changes when it comes to her hair. 

She first debuted her platinum blonde locks during New York Fashion Week back in September and since then her hair has gone through plenty of changes. However, her decision of going pink was probably a bold move and one that people did not see coming. Nonetheless, she sure does know how to rock pink! 

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