Vanderpump Rules may not be the same without Jax Taylor and the truth is, we do not want to see a scenario where that happens either. In the recent episode of the show, the TV personality recalled a "near death" experience that he had after he almost drowned during a group trip to Big Bear.

Jax thought he nearly died (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for FCancer )

"I cheated death today," he said during the show while recalling what really happened. The incident took place when Jax decided to go swimming as he was unable to carry out his morning run due to the high altitude. Even though it did not seem like a safe option for him to go swimming, Jax decided to battle it out with nature. 

In fact, he was even warned by Scheana's BF Rob Valeta, to take it easy. However, Jax soon gets "winded" on his first lap and explains "the pain is hitting me right in my chest." Fortunately for him, there was a lifeguard who was present there. Understanding how he would be unable to get himself out, Jax called out for help. 

At first, the lifeguard did not take him seriously and thought that Jax was just trying to have some fun. But seeing Jax continuously begging for help, the lifeguard jumped in to help. Even though Jax was rescued, he does confess that the incident had shaken him up. 

He had flashbacks of things and people when he thought he would die (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for

He recalled getting flashbacks of "all the people I'm never gonna see ever again…All the dumb s—t that I did." To make matters worse,  Scheana, Lala Kent, Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval and girlfriend Brittany Cartwright saw the rescue go down from the kitchen window and tried their best to control breaking into a laughter. "That's hysterical," Lala said, with Scheana admonishing, "Don't laugh, someone almost died!" but of course, she immediately did end up laughing along with the others. 

Immediately after having the near-drowning experience, Jax said, "If there wasn't a lifeguard there, I wouldn't be here right now. And I'm a strong swimmer!" But later, Jax was able to find the humorous side of the entire situation as he said, "It is kind of a funny situation. I am a grown man who almost drowned swimming a hundred yards. That was embarrassing."

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