Pearl Jam teased a new song titled 'Can't Deny Me'. The 25-second teaser gave us a taste of the good old grunge-filled angry Pearl Jam band we once knew and loved.  

Five years after their album 'Lightning Bolt', Pearl Jam released a 25-second preview of their new track to eager fans. The track seems to be a direct dig at Trump, with lyrics such as 'You may be rich but you still can't deny me' and 'Got nothing but the will to survive/ You can't control and you can't deny me'.

Members of the group's famous Ten Club got a chance to listen to the entire track last Saturday. The song was released on bassist Jeff Ament's birthday. 

The group has not made any new music since their last record 'Lightning Bolt' which was released in 2013. Pearl Jam also was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Eddie Vedder even appeared on 'Twin Peaks'.

The group has never held back when it came to political commentary. Back in 2017, Eddie Vedder made a surprise appearance at the Ohana Festival. He performed Pearl Jam's 'Habit' but with changed lyrics ‘speaking as a child of the 90’s’ to ‘speaking as a child of the f****d up Trump generation.’

The new album can promise a lot of political discourse. Vedder has also been very open to discussing climate change and how the Trump administration is ruining the talk around global warming. “I’m not talking about politics. I am talking about love. Love for the planet. So this is for everyone in the Southeast. I hope they get through the weekend.” he said.

The track is not yet available. But the 25-second snippet has left us hungry for more. Pearl Jam is yet to make an official announcement for the release of the full track. 

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