Ashley Graham teams up with mum Linda Graham for body-positive swimwear campaign

Ashley Graham and her mum Linda Graham sizzle in the new Swimsuits for All line. Each piece is named after a Moroccon city, this is as exotic as it gets!

                            Ashley Graham teams up with mum Linda Graham for body-positive swimwear campaign

Plus-size model and body positivity activist Ashley Graham has just put out a new line for Swimsuits For All and the campaign will give you style goals.


The collection, called Ashley Graham x Swimsuits for All celebrates beach fashion in its campaign Power of the Journey. Ashley's mom, Linda Graham, stars in this campaign alongside her fashion icon daughter and the results are gorgeous. Take a look:

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Look at the smiling faces.

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Check out those curves! Good genes seem to be running in the Graham family.

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Ashley staring dreamily into the camera, looking so comfortable in her skin and her AGxSFA one piece makes us so happy.

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The whole campaign is Moroccan-themed. The two look fly hanging out on the beach and for a minute there, next to a camel, wearing different types of one piece suits. Some are front lace tie-up detailed and cut out, and others are pieces with cute floral and geometric prints. One of them even has a tie-up detailing.

They are probably checking out some hotties frolicking in the sand. This pink two-piece on Linda is so cute.

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Ashley looks lovingly at mama Linda grinning in her printed beachwear.

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Dressed in creations from Ashley's Resort 2018 collection, the two pull of the styles with elan.

Some BTS. (Source: Instagram)

Power of the Journey celebrates the mother-daughter duo's struggle to find confidence in themselves and what they call "true happiness”. Their tagline says it all, "It's Not About Where You've Been But About Where You're Going." 


Moroccan Moves 👯‍♀️💥👙@theashleygraham @swimsuitsforall

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Ashley's mom has been a huge part of her infectious confidence and has been her solid foundation all along, she said. "My mother was with me from the start and helped me through all the trials and tribulations it took to get to this point, so being able to have her actually in front of the camera with me and modeling my designs felt like such a surreal moment,” Ashley told Vogue, “When they came to me with the [concept,] I was like, ‘That is such a good idea, don’t even ask her—I’m going to tell her! She has no choice!"

These two just seem like they had a blast! (Source: Instagram)

It was her mom's feel good about yourself attitude that gave Ashley the belief to make a dent in the body positivity movement. "She promoted body positivity in our household before it was a movement. Her feel-good attitude toward her own body has shaped my ability to remain positive and self-assured," she reportedly told Harper's Bazaar

Linda looking like a million bucks at the shoot in Morocco. (Source: Instagram)

Why did she ask her mom to star in the campaign? Not just because she's her mom, but also because she looks killer in the designs, she revealed. "I could not think of anyone better to join me in celebrating the beauty of all shapes and sizes in this campaign. Plus, she's hot and looks incredible in the suits!" 

Each of the 13 designs has a special name — one from each Moroccan city. The line has sizes from 4 that go all the way up to size 22.

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In a release from the brand published in Harper's Bazaar, her mum adds emotionally that it was actually her daughter's confidence that helped her slip into a bikini. "I haven't worn a bikini since the 80s!" said Linda Graham, "I don't think I could have uncovered that inner strength without Ashley. That makes being a part of this campaign so much more special – she's my rock and inspired me at age 53 to be proud of my body again after I lost my own fortitude."

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Linda also tells Vogue that it was so much less stressful for her because Ashley was around. "When this opportunity showed up, it was like, ‘Okay, let’s do this!’ It was so comforting having her there, making me feel comfortable—it’s funny how the tables have turned.”

Where are the tissues? This campaign seems to have only made their bond stronger and their fan following larger.

Watch this powerhouse duo's adorable campaign video below:





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