Paddy and Christine McGuinness furious after Nicole Appleton leaves the UK without a word

News of Nicole Appleton fleeing the UK has reportedly angered Paddy and Christine McGuinness, who have to deal with the aftermath.

                            Paddy and Christine McGuinness furious after Nicole Appleton leaves the UK without a word

Paddy and Christine McGuinness's marriage was reportedly already floundering, and Paddy's recent night out with former All Saints member Nicole Appleton has only contributed to the mess. The Sunday Mirror reported that the host of Take Me Out had lied to his wife that he was out with friends from work when paparazzi caught him enjoying the night out with Nicole.

She was reportedly "heartbroken and humiliated" and allegedly told her friends that "He has broken my trust." She had been taking care of their three children in Cheshire while Paddy's work kept him in London. A close friend told the Mirror, "It is very telling that Nicole has done nothing to dispel the rumors or clarify what happened. We can’t believe she hasn’t said anything."

The 43-year-old singer was last spotted leaving her home with a big suitcase, and has stayed off social media ever since, leaving the speculating public to assume the worst about what she and Paddy were getting up to. According to a source connected to The Sun, "Paddy and Christine are furious that she's only fuelled speculation by staying silent and going abroad - leaving them to publicly deal with the fallout."

Paddy and Christine McGuinness, Twitter
Paddy and Christine McGuinness before the Nicole Appleton scandal broke (Twitter)

Paddy, 44, and Christine, 29, have already been facing pressure as they raise their autistic twins, Penelope and Leo. Christine had expressed to the Mirror that Paddy took their children's diagnosis pretty hard, and that they were thinking of seeking counselling.

A friend told the Sunday Mirror that Christine had been blindsided by the photo of Paddy and Nicole together, saying "Christine knows Paddy is flirty, she has lived through him being on Take Me Out surrounded by hundreds of pretty girls but this is the last straw. It is the lying that really upset her. She is heartbroken."

The source continued, "She is just carefully deciding what she is going to do next. Her children are her main priority. Things are going to continue to unfold."

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