Kylie Jenner got back to work just 18 days after giving birth to daughter Stormi

Kylie Jenner decided to get up and running when it comes to working just days after she welcomed Stormi.

                            Kylie Jenner got back to work just 18 days after giving birth to daughter Stormi

Kylie Jenner just gave her fans a glimpse of her new Kylie cosmetic collection and one thing that drove fans wild was her eyeshadow collection called 'Glitter Eyes'. As it turns out, the reality star did not leave a second trademarking that name as she wants all her eye palettes to come under it. But one thing that is worth noting is that Kylie did so just days after giving birth to daughter Stormi Webster. 

Kylie wants to trademark "glitter eyes" (Instagram)

According to TMZ, Kylie signed the documents for the same on February 19. The 'Life Of Kylie' star had welcomed her and Travis Scott's baby on February 1. Even though the mother of one was away and in hiding throughout the nine months of her pregnancy, it seems like she is wasting no time in getting things up and going. 

Ever since the birth of Stormi, she has already introduced another collection. She took to her social media to give a glimpse of the new 'Weather Collection'. Recently, in one of the episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kylie had mentioned how she had put all her efforts and time into this collection during her pregnancy. 

She even shared the same with her fans in her Instagram stories while giving a bit of background into what gave rise to the entire collection. "So, before I open my newest collection I just wanted to tell you guys a little bit of the background," Kylie can be heard saying. 

Kylie Jenner got back to work just days after welcoming Stormi (Instagram)

"I worked on this pretty much my entire pregnancy. And right after we chose Stormi's name, her name really inspired me," she added. It does not come as a surprise that Kylie would decide to get back to work just a couple of days after welcoming her baby girl as she is expected to be a billionaire before she turns 30 and it is all thanks to her cosmetic empire. 

Previously, in another report by Daily Mail, it was revealed that Kylie was the richest sister. Her brand currently runs at an estimate of $386million. She has often spoken about how she has big dreams for her empire and plans on making it even bigger than it already is. Stormi sure does have an inspiring mother, after all, not everyone is able to achieve so much being of Kylie's age. 

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