'I feel like Jesus', says Donald Glover as he prepares to retire his Childish Gambino persona

The multi faceted performer, who is set to retire his stage persona of Childish Gambino after his final, yet to be announced album, now claims that he's like Jesus Christ and he has a lot of hard truths to tell, but humanity might not quite be ready for it!

                            'I feel like Jesus', says Donald Glover as he prepares to retire his Childish Gambino persona

Donald Glover, the renaissance man who can do almost anything - he's an actor, writer, director, producer, singer and god knows what - is ever the enigma when it comes to musical creation.

Performing under the stage name of Childish Gambino to separate his real self from his on-stage persona, Glover's musical style is an amalgam of so many things that it can be quite hard to place, making him a truly avant garde artist.

Glover's been in the news off late. He recently claimed to be like Tupac considering his upbringing and his struggles before attaining recognition. His critically acclaimed TV show 'Atlanta' returns for its second season in the US today (March 1).


And now, in a recent interview with The New Yorker, Glover said that he feels like Jesus as he is set to retire the Childish Gambino persona. 

During the interview which spanned across a wide range of topics, the interviewer asked the 34 year old savant at one point if there was anything he was bad at. 

“To be honest, no,” Glover replied. “Probably just people. People don’t like to be studied, or bested. I’m fine with it. I don’t really like people that much. People accept me now because I have power, but they still think, ‘Oh, he thinks he’s the golden flower of the black community, thinks he’s so different,'” he laughed.

He added: “But I am, though! I feel like Jesus!" Elaborating the claim, he said, "“I do feel chosen. My struggle is to use my humanity to create a classic work – but I don’t know if humanity is worth it, or if we’re going to make it. I don’t know if there’s much time left.”

So it looks like Glover's alter ego has many hard truths to tell but the audience might apparently not be ready for his prophetic revelations!

The comment comes in light of the fact that Glover is ready to hang up the cape as far as Childish Gambino is concerned. While performing at Governors Ball last summer, Glover told the crowd, “I’ll see you for the last Gambino album.”

Later at the Grammy red carpet last month, Glover again confirmed that Childish Gambino will soon be laid to rest. Gambino's last album was 2016's 'Awaken, My Love', which was released through Glassnote records.

The second season of Glover’s acclaimed TV show Atlanta returns to screens in the US on March 1. (Image Source: Getty Images)


Gambino/Glover has definitely made strides in entertainment, enjoying much success in both acting and music, and having a successful run in a Netflix standup comedy special. 

His style of writing in both the hit FX show Atlanta and his albums have been widely praised and even compared to some of the greats who have gone before him but it looks like one face of the multi-faceted star is about to soon disappear. So the Jesus analogy might not be that much of a stretch after all!

While the next and reportedly final Childish Gambino album has yet to be announced, Glover has confirmed a tour of New Zealand this November so there's still one last run to look forward to before his great disappearing act.


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