10 ways Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' body language tells us of the love they share

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have a beautiful and strong relationship which comes across in so many unintentional ways.

                            10 ways Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' body language tells us of the love they share

In the Hollywood industry, you often read news about couples who started dating strong and then broke up but that is not the case with Ryan Reynolds and his wife, Blake Lively. The Gossip Girl star, Blake Lively, has been married to Ryan Reynolds for about five years now and their relationship is just inspiring. 

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The couple works very well together and has often won the internet by just being themselves and showing off their wonderful relationship. They also have two daughters together whom they love very much. They have constantly taken jabs at each other and poked a lot of fun at each other, all in good spirit. 

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These are 10 ways that their body language speaks for their love and passion: 

10. The way they place their arms around each other

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Notice how their hands are slightly spread out and gently placed on each other. This sort of contact indicates a level of comfort and trust that most relationships strive for. The hands placed like that make also show the love and support that the couple offers each other. 

9. The way she holds on to his sleeve

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The way she is clutching onto his arm shows a sign of trust, passion, and desire. It is a way of expressing that this person means something to you and you are eager to hold on to that. The couple is smiling beautifully in the above picture which only highlights the passion even more. 

8. The way they sit with each other

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Blake Lively sitting on the lap of her husband shows the couple's trust and comfort with each other. They are okay to be a little messy and tangled up in each other as they sit together. Ryan's arm protectively and lovingly embrace his wife who clings onto his shoulder.  

7. The way he holds her by the waist

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The way that Ryan Reynolds holds his wife by the waist is absolutely adorable and this sort of intimacy shows nothing but a close bond and connection that the couple share. The way he holds her says that she is his and his only. Her arm on his shoulder reciprocates that intimacy and connection. 

6. The way they kiss

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There are many kinds of kisses and different kisses represent different stages in a relationship. The couple kisses in a way that they really don't care who else is watching and all that matters to them is that special and intimate moment that they share. Their kiss definitely shows that their relationship is on fire. 

5. Coordinating step by step 

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Ryan's arm looks slightly awkward or seems to be an uncomfortable angle. In this case, he is willing to be slightly uncomfortable in order to offer support and stability to his beloved wife. The way the couple walks in sync together also shows that they are in emotional sync as well and are on the same page. 

4. The way she holds his hand 

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The way that their fingers lock and they stand side by side firmly joint at the arm shows nothing but true support and love for each other. This is a sign to show that the relationship is grounded and firmly placed, and at the end of the day, there is no one else that either of these two people would rather come back to. 

3. He knows how to mark his territory

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A more physical and flirty sign like this only means one thing which is "I am into you" and clearly as seen in the picture Ryan Reynolds is displaying just how close he is to his wife. A more physical sign like this means that the person is into you and finds every part of you attractive. It is also a way to show that the other person is your territory and everyone can back off. 

2. When she holds onto his forearm

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This is the kind of harmony and love that people see in fairytale love stories. Ryan Reynolds holds out his arm for his wife Blake which is a sign that he wants to be there for her mentally and emotionally. The hand placed like that means that he is the pillar of support to his wife. Blake's hand is spread out over a large surface area and shows that she is relaxed and comfortable with him. 

1. Ryan holds on to her elbow 

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The way that Ryan Reynolds embraces and gently holds his wife Blake Lively by the elbow is a sign of pure love and affection. As seen above, he is reaching forward towards her and the way his hands are placed on her elbows shows that he is really into her and definitely wants to feel as connected to her as she can.

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