Hey kitty girls! VH1 has finally ruvealed the cast of RuPaul's Drag Race and HUNNEY. The extravaganza, honey. The OPPULENCE, hunney. It. Is. Sickening. Let's not forget that this is the 10th season of RuPaul's Drag Race so you best believe this season is going to make you gag.

We're going to make this kiki a little more fun. Let's meet the queens!

1. Asia O'Hara

Asia's a pageant girl who's got too many talents to keep track of. This Texan lady won Miss Gay America the FIRST time she entered. She's a costumer by profession so she could be some serious competition for the rest of the girls.
Follow her here: @AsiaOharaLand

2. Aquaria

With blessings from New York's drag scene, Aquira comes with an army of support already. At just 21, this queen has been photographed by Steven Klein for the pages of Vogue Italia.
Follow her here: @ageofaquaria

3. Blair St. Clair

This small-town girl has some big city dreams! Blair St. Clair combines her love for musicals and her passion for drag. Being a Broadway Baby at heart, Blair's strategy to win the competition is to sing, dance and act her way across the finish line.
Follow her here: @ blairst.clair

4. Dusty Ray Bottoms

Born in Kentucky but established in the Big Apple, Dusty's drag style can be described as "dark, glamorous and trashy." Her signature dotty-faced makeup is unmissable.
Follow her here: @dustyray

5. Eureka O'Hara

She's baa-aack! Eureka shattered our hearts after being booted off the show due to a knee injury in season 9. But now, she's back and she's hungrier than ever for that title.
Follow her here: @eurekaohara

6. Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams

If Kalorie doesn't get your attention with her infectious laugh, then maybe her gravity-defying ass will. The curvy queen embraces her sexiness and flaunts her voluptuous body every chance she gets!
Follow her here: @kalkarbdashianw

7. Kameron Michaels

If you catch a glimpse of this queen untucking, control your thirst, it's a TRAP. This queen loves pumping iron at the gym and lives for performing drag. Kameron wants to capture strength and beauty, earning her the name bodybuilder Barbie doll.
Follow her here: @kameronmichaels

8. Mayhem Miller

Mayhem's made a mark! She's about to enter the competition with big expectations. Her sisters are Drag Race alumni: Raven, Morgan McMichaels, Delta and Detox. Mayhem's about to bring viewer polish and sass.
Follow her here: @TheOnlyMayhem

9. Miz Cracker

Miz Cracker calls Bob The Drag Queen her drag mother, so the contestants may have something to worry about. Armed with beauty and wit, this queen could prove to be tough competition.
Follow her here: @miz_cracker

10. Monét X Change

This queen has got the chops to be this seasons' singer. With a degree in Opera Performance, Monet blurs the lines of comedy, performance and New York City grit.
Follow her here: @monetxchange

11. Monique Heart

Monique is a well-rounded queen whose heart belongs to the lord. A devout Christian, Monique is in it to win it but promises to be the "Heart of Season 10."
Follow her here: @kevinandmonique

12. The Vixen

Chicago's The Vixen combines elements of political art and protest into her performances. This queen is woke, vocal and brings activism as well as fire to the stage. She will not go down without a fight!
Follow her here: @TheVixensworld

13. Vanessa Vanjie

Vanessa is about to bring you high-energy dance performances, and an electric, winning personality. She's Alexis Mateo's drag daughter so you know she's going to bring something wild to our screens!
Follow her here: @VanessaVanjie

14. Yuhua Hamasaki

Yuhua originally comes from China, but her fight is a lot more Manhattan than anything else. She' a seamstress by day and a sickening drag queen by night. Yuhua regularly sews gowns for New York royalty like Peppermint and Bob the Drag Queen, so this girl can be some serious compettion!
Follow her here: @yuhuahamasaki

Tens, tens, TENS across the board! The new season for RuPaul's Drag Race will premier on March 22.

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