Will Khal Drogo be back from the dead in season 8? GOT fans think it's a possibility

A fan theory speculates that the dead Dothraki warlord is going to make a comeback in season 8 and we couldn't be more excited!

                            Will Khal Drogo be back from the dead in season 8? GOT fans think it's a possibility

'Game of Thrones' is gearing up for season 8, and there's a rumor that everyone's favorite Dothraki warrior is returning to the television series. Khal Drogo might just be coming back from the dead!

Season seven's final episode was full of twists and turns no one was expecting. The Starks finally have full control of Winterfell, the Stark sisters kill Littlefinger (AKA Petyr Baelish, AKA Lord of being-so-annoying-we-wished-he-died-in-season one AKA Lord Cradle Snatcher), Daenerys' army successfully brings a White Walker to King's Landing, Cersei's pregnant and she tries to kill her lover/twin brother Jamie (Who is also her unborn child's father, by the way), and we finally find out that Jon Snow isn't a Snow, he's Targaryen. That's not the only zinger, though. Fans watched wide-mouthed as Jon got hot and heavy with his aunt Daenerys, while Bran's serious voiceover confirms that Jon is a Targaryen. 

Yep. HBO left us with this doozy of a cliffhanger. With the premiere of the show slated for a 2019 release, fans have had a lot of thinking time to come up with wild speculations. Reddit began bursting with theories and guesses as to how the finale will finally go down. 

One popular theory is that Khal Drogo might just rise from the dead to be reunited with his old flame. Reddit users have come up with a theory that supposedly puts Khal Drogo in the 'Game of Thrones' mix in season 8. Convinced by the show's many loopholes, twists, and turns, avid watchers, and followers of the series said that the Mirri Maz Duur theory might just come to life.

Khal Drogo is supposedly coming back from the dead to fight Jon Snow to death. (Facebook)

The theory strongly argues Drogo's return from the dead, and he's probably going to fight Snow for their now-shared lover. I know what you're thinking and yes I do agree. The internet is indeed a weird place. This necrophiliac/incestual relationship thing has us questioning the capacity of human imagination. 

Based on 'Game of Thrones' track records, many would find this theory very believable. But you have to admit, it's a little farfetched. Firstly, let's start off with the fact that Drogo has no body to return to. Every time someone on the show has come back to life, there's always been a body (Beric Dondarrion and Jon Snow were brought back to life with the help of Red priests). Now, remember when Dany sets herself on fire on Drogo's funeral pyre? She emerges, amongst a pile of ash, with three little dragons clutching on to her bare body. There's no Drogo there, people. He's gone. He's dust now.  


There is one thing to consider: With Jon and Dany getting in on, there might just be a little Targaryen on the way and chances are Dany's going to name him after her old flame. So maybe this is the return of Drogo? Because, if you remember correctly, Dany is prophesized to give birth to the 'Stallion that mounts the world'.

There are so many fan theories out there and it's so easy to get swayed by all of them. But all we can do is just wait for April 2019 to get here so that our crazed fan theories are finally put to rest.

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