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Fallout (2024)

Fallout (2024)

Fallout, created by Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner, is a post-apocalyptic drama set in a future Los Angeles devastated by nuclear destruction. The series, streaming on Amazon Prime Video, thrusts citizens into underground bunkers to shield themselves from radiation, mutants, and bandits. It explores the survivalist ethos and community dynamics in a starkly altered world, focusing on characters navigating the challenges of this dystopian environment while revealing the human spirit's resilience.

All the characters in Prime Video's 'Fallout' ranked, and why Lucy MacLean is not #1

We have listed our favorite 'Fallout' characters, ranking them based on their character arcs
2 days ago

Prime Video's 'Fallout' exceeds fans' expectations, hailed as 'best video game adaptation ever'

'Fallout' has received positive reviews from viewers, thanks to its excellent cast, which includes Ella Purnell, Moises Arias, and others
Apr 12, 2024

'Fallout': Chilling secrets behind Rose MacLean's death haunt Lucy Maclean

The climax of Prime Video's 'Fallout' unravels enigma around the death of Lucy MacLean's mother
Apr 11, 2024

'Fallout' Season 2 Update: Here's the renewal status for Prime Video's post-apocalyptic series

After the much awaited debut of 'Fallout' on April 11, fans are eager to know if the series will be renewed for another season
Apr 11, 2024

'Fallout' Ending Explained: Moldaver's motive behind kidnapping Hank MacLean startles Lucy MacLean

Lucy MacLean (played by Ella Purnell) unearths the shocking reason behind her father's abduction in the gripping finale of Prime Video's 'Fallout'
Apr 11, 2024

'Fallout' Episode 8 Takeaway: Tragedy with Moldaver changes Maximus' fate in Brotherhood of Steel

A moment with Moldaver changes Maximus' fate within the Brotherhood of Steel in Prime Video's 'Fallout'
Apr 11, 2024

'Fallout' Episode 8 Takeaway: Cooper Howard's startling truth about his wife sets off an endless pursuit

Episode 8 of 'Fallout' delves into The Ghoul/Cooper Howard's life pre-apocalypse where he discovered life-altering facts about his wife
Apr 11, 2024

'Fallout' Episode 7 Takeaway: Betty Pearson's secrets bring Norm MacLean closer to the vault's mystery

Norm MacLean's increasing suspicion of Betty Pearson pushes him to discover secrets of Vault 31 in 'Fallout' Episode 7
Apr 11, 2024

'Fallout' Episode 7 Takeaway: Moldaver's mysterious connection with The Ghoul raises questions

The mystery around Moldaver (played by Sarita Choudhury), who abducted Hank MacLean, begins to unwrap in Episode 7 of 'Fallout'
Apr 11, 2024

'Fallout' Episode 6 Takeaway: Lucy MacLean's troubles escalate as Vault 4's secrets unfold

Maximus and Lucy MacLean's comfortable halt in Vault 4 takes a dark turn in 'Fallout' Episode 6
Apr 11, 2024

'Fallout' Episode 5 Takeaway: Harrowing incident in Vault 32 makes Norm MacLean's suspicious of a conspiracy

Norm MacLean suspects a foul play within the vaults after his father is abducted by raiders in Prime Video's 'Fallout'
Apr 11, 2024

'Fallout' Episode 5 Takeaway: Mystery behind Wilzig's head brings Lucy MacLean and Maximus together

The chase for Wilzig's head continues in Prime Video's post-apocalyptic drama 'Fallout'
Apr 11, 2024

'Fallout' Episode 2 Takeaway: Maximus vs The Ghoul sets stage for fierce battle ahead

The Ghoul faces a sudden attack from Maximus in Episode 2 of 'Fallout', leading to an intense battle
Apr 11, 2024

'Fallout' Episode 2 Takeaway: Wilzig's bizarre demand adds new twist to Lucy Maclean's mission

Encounter with enigmous character of Wilzig sets Lucy MacLean on a twisted path in 'Fallout' Episode 2
Apr 11, 2024

'Fallout' Episode 2 Takeaway: Lucy MacLean's encounter with The Ghoul to escalate her troubles

Lucy MacLean (Ella Purnell) faces imminent dangers from The Ghoul (Walton Goggins) in 'Fallout' Episode 2
Apr 11, 2024

'Fallout' Episode 1 Takeaway: Inside Lucy MacLean's eventual fate following the drastic measures to save her father

Adventures and dangers await Lucy MacLean (Ella Purnell) as she embarks on a risky mission to save her father in Prime Video's 'Fallout'
Apr 11, 2024

'Fallout' Episode 1 Takeaway: Brutal attack in Vault 33 changes Lucy MacLean's fate

Prime Video's 'Fallout' Episode 1 introduces us to the atypical world inside a vault, 219 years after a nuclear attack
Apr 11, 2024

‘Fallout’ receives surprise early release on Prime Video, furious fans say ‘RIP to all scheduled watch parties’

Produced by the acclaimed duo Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, ‘Fallout’ features a stellar cast including Ella Purnell, Walton Goggins, among others
Apr 10, 2024

'Fallout' Review: Prime Video series succeeds by doing the one thing most video game adaptations fail to do

'Fallout,' set to premiere on Prime Video, on April 11, surpasses our expectations, offering a gripping drama
Apr 10, 2024

'Shōgun' Episode 8 Takeaway: John Blackthorne's crew fallout may empower Lord Yoshii Toranaga's schemes

The story focuses on an Englishman who unwillingly becomes involved in the power battle of mediaeval Japan
Apr 10, 2024