Bill Gates will star as himself in the upcoming episode of The Big Bang Theory

The episode to be aired in March will witness the nerd-gang doing everything in their power to get access to Penny's workplace and meet the guest star- Bill Gates

                            Bill Gates will star as himself in the upcoming episode of The Big Bang Theory

If you’ve binged on The Big Bang Theory long enough then you’ve seen a fair share of nerd heroes, including comic legend Stan Lee, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, Star Trek and Star Wars alums Leonard Nimoy and Carrie Fisher, Apple’s own Steve Wozniak and even Tesla founder Elon Musk, drop in on the show as themselves.

A upcoming March episode has another real-life hero making an appearance on the show: Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

The Microsoft mogul will appear as himself in the long-running sitcom, confirmed CBS, the parent company of CNET. Even the Twitter handle of The Big Bang Theory confirmed that Bill Gates will “play himself”.

The upcoming episode will see Penny (Kaley Cuoco) host Gates. TV Guide, the portal owned by CBS, reveals that “Penny hosts Gates at her work, (and) the guys do everything in their power to meet him."

Giving us a sneak peek into the scene, TV Line details the course of action. It so happens that Gates attends a work function at Penny’s pharmaceutical company and Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parson) and rest of the nerd gang stops at nothing to gain access to meet the computing icon.  

But the real questions fans are asking is whether Sheldon will seek revenge for that one time Gates punched him in the nose, as gleefully explained by Raj (Kunal Nayyar) and Howard (Simon Helberg) in a 2011 episode.

The billionaire philanthropist is alleged to have smacked Sheldon in the schnoz after being told "maybe if you weren't so distracted by sick children in Africa, you could have put a little more thought into Windows Vista."

The show was renewed for two more years in 2017 after speculation whether it would come to an end after its 10th series. The Big Bang Theory returns to CBS on March 1 and this particular episode is said to be aired in the latter half of the month. We can’t wait to see what happens and maybe get star struck as well.

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