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Madhuparna Panigrahi

Madhuparna Panigrahi

A creative writer with a passion for art, entertainment, and lifestyle and a background in marketing and advertising. When not busy covering stories, she finds respite in culinary adventures.

'Quiz' Episode 3: A gripping climax that turns the story around and makes you sympathize with the Ingrams

In a high-tension courtroom episode, the three-part drama series comes to an end, leaving you feeling bad for the defendants
Jun 15, 2020

‘Quiz’ Episode 2 plays into middle-class sentiments and their obsession for winning

As Charles Ingram takes the hot seat, his wife Diana is determined to make him win at any cost, leading to a series of suspicious coincidences. But does that make them criminals?
Jun 8, 2020

Pride Month 2020: ‘Work In Progress’s Abby McEnany is among the most radical queer characters you can see on TV

Showtime’s popular show explores the myriad shades of its lead female character, making us fall in love and feel proud of its creator
Jun 2, 2020

‘Quiz’ Episode 1: Matthew Macfadyen perfectly portrays Charles Ingram as a victim of a conspiracy

Macfadyen plays the character of Charles and walks us through how a simple, middle-class man lured by the bait of game shows got roped into a scandal that would change his life forever
Jun 1, 2020

‘Quiz’ Pilot Review: Brilliant narrative on game show portrays desperation of TV networks and its aftermath

The first of the three-part series explores the making of the globally popular game show and how it drove millions of people into a winning frenzy
Jun 1, 2020

‘Quiz’ Preview: Meet the cast of AMC drama that explores the ‘Who Wants To be A Millionaire?’ scandal

The upcoming legal drama series features some of the best actors of British television and here’s what you should know about them
Jun 1, 2020

‘The Captive Nanny’ Review: A twisted drama thriller that will haunt you with its chilling narrative

Lifetime’s film deals with the desperation of a woman and how far she would go to fulfill her obsession, even if it means putting her child and other innocent people in danger
May 31, 2020

'The Captive Nanny': Meet the cast of the upcoming thriller drama movie on Lifetime

The network is all set to release another suspenseful story in its drama thriller lineup, but before you do, here’s what you need to know about the cast
May 30, 2020

'Good Witch' Season 7: Release date, plot, cast and all you need to know about Hallmark's family comedy

The network’s fun comedy about a well-meaning witch and her daughter have made it to six seasons and we hope that the seventh season brings the same joy
May 30, 2020

George Floyd protests: Cardi B urges people to vote to reduce police brutality, internet says she's 'dope'

In a recent Instagram video, the music icon shared her opinion on the ongoing riots and protests over George Floyd’s death and people remain divided in their reactions to the same
May 30, 2020

Jimmy Kimmel targets Trump's tweets on show, fans slam the 'limousine liberal' for his 'virulent rhetoric'

The late-night show host shared his stance on how the president is handling the current riots in Minneapolis and George Floyd’s death and this has invited very strong reactions on Twitter
May 30, 2020

'Shark Tank' Product of the Day: Simply Fit Board promises to get you fit and fab within weeks

If working out at home has become monotonous and boring, make it fun and exciting but result-driven with this cool exercise board
May 30, 2020

‘Council of Dads’ Episode 5 Review: A chaotic melange of subplots and character arcs

In an hour-long episode, it seemed like an overwhelming and confusing web of events from Halloween to New Year, packing all the significant events of every character’s life and it lost us on the way
May 29, 2020

Jimmy Kimmel interviews neighbor Dakota Johnson over backyard fence, fans call it 'most bizarre thing' ever

Kimmel chatted up with his neighbor Dakota Johnson over the fence from his house while observing social distancing and fans couldn't contain their laughter
May 29, 2020

'Council of Dads' Episode 5: Tearjerker ending has shocked fans saying 'didn't see that coming'

The cliffhanger and an emotionally intense episode threw fans off guard
May 29, 2020

‘Council of Dad’ Episode 5 Preview: Sarah Wayne Callies gets fans all excited with a new character’s entry

The lead female actor from the show dropped a tweet with her upcoming co-star
May 28, 2020

'Shark Tank' Product of the Day: ABII Educational Robot helps kids get classroom-like education at home

The innovative robotic aide uses cutting-edge tech tools for kids to learn at their own pace and style, making education entertaining
May 28, 2020

‘Property Brothers: Forever Home’ Season 3 Episode 7: Alison and Greg’s home gets modern country makeover

The couple who wanted a fresh start in life after a major health scare found their ultimate retreat in their renewed home built with elements of modern country and classic rustic elements
May 28, 2020

Howie Mandel gives Jimmy Kimmel and fans a ‘Masterclass in Handwashing’ to help keep coronavirus at bay

Mandel walked fans through his new quarantine project where he was virtually teaching people how to wash hands. Did you know there are at least five or six styles of washing your hands?
May 28, 2020

‘Property Brothers: Forever Home’ Season 3 Episode 7: Fans complain about hosts choosing 'costly renovations'

The Scott brothers redid the living space for a couple seeking a fresh start and fans think that not only did they choose an expensive option, but also it’s become a trend for the show
May 28, 2020