‘Property Brothers: Forever Home’ Season 3 Episode 7: Fans complain about hosts choosing 'costly renovations'

The Scott brothers redid the living space for a couple seeking a fresh start and fans think that not only did they choose an expensive option, but also it’s become a trend for the show

                            ‘Property Brothers: Forever Home’ Season 3 Episode 7: Fans complain about hosts choosing 'costly renovations'
Property Brothers Forever Home (HGTV)

Episode 7 of HGTV’s ‘Property Brothers: Forever Home’ Season 3 was all about a renewed start. Couple and homeowners, Alison and Greg had gone through a very difficult time recently, with Alison being detected with breast cancer but she has thankfully recovered. And now that she is back on her feet, the couple wanted a do-over of their lives, starting with a renovated home.

Renovation experts, Drew and Jonathan Scott reached out to give them a retreat-like home so they could relax and rejuvenate in their old home, done anew. But as the renovation process went ahead and the brothers came up with repair options, décor ideas, fans felt that the show has started to incline toward only expensive options and ideas. And they complained that there are many other shows that show home improvement within a reasonable budget. 

One fan took to Twitter and commented, “While I love these guys, I’m increasedly annoyed that you guys kept airing home improvements (actually costly renovations) or real estate transactions, yet aren’t airing shows like Curb Appeal, Clean Sweep, or evening Design on a Dime. Bring those shows back!”

Typically, the brothers come up with renovation and repair plans with two or three options and present the same to the homeowners so they can choose what suits their taste and budget. For Alison and Greg, the Scott brothers did the same thing, wherein they offered three ideas. When the couple chose the third option for a complete overhaul of the master bedroom, den, and living area, a fan raised the issue and commented how it was the most expensive one and a bad idea.

“Wrong option tonight.. 3rd option to do all, main floor, master bath, and Den? How much of the 2nd option without master was $15k <, had to be close to $160k for all three? I think homeowners or you guys should have raised that point? They did pick the most expensive n the end”, he commented, pointing out that Alison and Greg should have countered the cost.

‘Property Brothers: Forever Home’ Season 3 airs every Wednesday 8pm/7c, only on HGTV. 

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