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'Council of Dads' Episode 5: Tearjerker ending has shocked fans saying 'didn't see that coming'

The cliffhanger and an emotionally intense episode threw fans off guard
Hilarie Burton and Clive Standen (NBC)
Hilarie Burton and Clive Standen (NBC)

Spoilers for 'Council of Dads' Episode 5 'Tradition'

It was an unexpected, uncalled for episode on NBC's 'Council of Dads'. Ever since we noticed the sparks flying between Anthony Lavelle (Clive Standen) and Margot (Hilarie Burton), it felt like a positive development among the grave and somber plotlines of death, grief and loss.

Even fans were shipping for this brand new relationship hoping that Anthony’s story will find some solid ground. With a plot-packed episode featuring Halloween, Christmas and New Year, the expectations of seeing Anthony and Margot’s love take a new turn were high. But sadly, they were all quashed. As the festival season ended, so did this relationship. Before their romance could turn into something significant, it was nipped in the bud and Margot dumped Anthony. Yes, you heard that right! And that’s what has left fans in shock because they never believed that this could be coming.

One fan on Twitter commented, "I'm still trying to get over that ending on #CouncilofDads. I didn't see that plot twist coming!! @CouncilofDads." Another fan was worried about what could be next on the show and said, "Wtf?!? That ending!!! @CODwriters I asked for no more tears!!!! Next week is gonna be a tear jerker!! #councilofDadsNot cool Am crying!!"

Although Margot had her reasons to end her relationship with Anthony, it was totally unexpected. In a powerful two-minute monologue, she made it clear how unloved she felt and that Anthony had been trying hard to make it work, when he actually never felt the same love she felt for him. There is the angle that we may need to consider to understand why Margot and Anthony broke up and what could be going on in Anthony’s mind. Let’s back up a few scenes and recall that moment when Anthony buys his friend Robin Perry (Sarah Wayne Callies) a necklace but gets Margot, his girlfriend, a ski-coat. It might not seem outrageous or odd, but come to think of it, a gift speaks a lot about what the giver thinks about the receiver. Whether there is any admittance of feelings or not, it is clear that Anthony always had some kind of strong emotions towards Robin. And somewhere this had led to an incomplete relationship with Margot. He “felt” that he was in love, but actually never was.

Anthony’s emotional journey makes a fan comment, "I don’t think Anthony believes he is deserving of love. So he make makes bad choices and he goes for the unattainable.  #CouncilofDads @CliveStanden." We can’t say if Margot was a bad choice or not, but we can definitely say that Anthony lacked deep emotions for her. As far as the story is concerned, this twist of plot might be a precursor to building something between Robin and Anthony at a later stage, which we have to wait for. To sum it up, Episode ‘Tradition’ turned out to be emotionally intense, as a fan says, “Too much emotion again on today's episode I guess much more in epd6 #CouncilofDads Party pooper.”

‘Council of Dads’ airs every Thursday night 8pm/7c only on NBC.