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Shadiya Zubair

Shadiya Zubair

Writing gets me going.

Internet sides with woman who called out mother for deceiving her about biological father

The OP explained that she stumbled upon a shocking revelation about her past while going through old belongings at her maternal grandmother's house
Mar 28, 2023

'Pony or lion?' Man's hulking pet has onlookers convinced it's not a dog

Jamal Miah adopted Kenzo back in 2020 and he now weighs a whopping 187 lbs
Mar 28, 2023

From 'Star Wars' to 'The Godfather': Keanu Reeves reveals his top 4 favorite movies

From 'Star Wars' to 'The Godfather', here are movies that Keanu Reeves thinks 'had some impact in the past'
Mar 25, 2023

Internet has no sympathy for groom upset at his brother for stealing the spotlight at his wedding

The groom felt his brother's surprise news 'disrupted' the wedding but netizens disagreed with him. Here's why
Mar 25, 2023

'How far can you go for likes?' Camila Coelho slammed for posing with baby near balcony ledge

Camila Coelho shared a picture of herself holding her baby dangerously close to a French balcony with a view of the Eiffel Tower
Mar 25, 2023

Jennifer Aniston reunites with Mae Whitman who played ‘Friends’ girl scout Sarah Tuttle after 27 years

Mae Whitman made an appearance as a little child named Sarah Tuttle in season three, episode 10, 'The One When Rachel Quits'
Mar 25, 2023

'Hurt more than childbirth': Mom of 4 who fell onto deadly 'suicide plant' while biking recounts ordeal

'I lived with heat packs strapped to my legs for a very long time,' Naomi Lewis said
Mar 24, 2023

Internet supports woman for going into full bridezilla mode while planning her wedding

The woman revealed that her brother cheated on his girlfriend of seven years who she wanted her in her bridal party
Mar 24, 2023

Pet owners horrified as dozens of cats found shaven with clippers across UK

Natasha McPhee has pointed out shaving hotspots and has alerted the cat owners to keep their pets indoors
Mar 24, 2023

‘Miracle man’ brought back from the DEAD reveals what it's like on the other side

'I was conscious of what was going on but I had so much peace', said Kevin Hill
Mar 24, 2023

Internet slams ‘toxic’ wife who banned ‘weak’ husband from watching son’s birth

The man said that his wife was adamant that he did not enter the delivery room
Mar 23, 2023

Damian Walker: 'Hero' CrossFit coach drowns with dad while saving wife from rip current

The family was in Puerto Rico to spread Damian's grandfather's ashes when the tragedy unfolded
Mar 23, 2023

Woman gets the shock of her life after finding deadly TWO-METER-LONG Eastern Brown snake ‘snoozing’ on her bed

Snake specialist Zachery Richards stated that the enormous chap would have been seeking refuge since it was a hot day with temperatures soaring
Mar 23, 2023

Man survives terrifying 10-story bungee jump as cord breaks mid-air sending him crashing into lake

Heart-stopping footage shows Mike at the top of a crane platform preparing for the 30-metre jump
Mar 23, 2023

THE POLITE CRIMINAL: Video shows thief in 'MID-HEIST' holding door open for man in wheelchair

The woman was seen stealing a meal kit from an apartment lobby in Adelaide, Australia, on Sunday, March 19,
Mar 22, 2023

The Great Minion Invasion of 2023: Town baffled by sculptures left outside homes

'They have been appearing overnight and we are up to about 24 of them now'
Mar 22, 2023

Monkeys -- on MONKEY BEACH -- attack influencer's family as dad throws punches to protect toddler son

Vloggers Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu were attacked by a troop of monkeys during their vacation leaving their young sons scared for their life
Mar 22, 2023

Mother and son injured after semi-trailer crosses median and slams into them before crashing into house

The truck driver was pronounced dead at the scene and the female while male occupants of the house have been taken to the hospital
Mar 22, 2023

WHERE'S MAMA? Couple recall shocking encounter with baby predator during leisurely swim

'We were very surprised when we saw it! The shark just kept swimming laps,' the 24-year-old woman said
Mar 21, 2023