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'Girls Planet 999': 9 viral performances and moments before survival show finale

From Hsin Wei and Jingoo bantering to Bahiyyih's improv in 'Ice Cream', Mnet's show threw up many iconic moments
The finale of 'Girls Planet 999' will air on October 22 (@_girlsplanet999/Twitter)
The finale of 'Girls Planet 999' will air on October 22 (@_girlsplanet999/Twitter)

The popular survival show of the moment is finally coming to an end. Mnet’s ‘Girls Planet 999’ was considered ambitious for bringing in 99 participants from South Korea, China and Japan. It had a star-studded cast from Jingoo of ‘Hotel Del Luna’ fame as the MC while Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany and Sunmi were part of the mentors’ panel. We even had popular participants like CLC’s Yujin, idols like Ziyin and Yurina, TXT Kai’s sister Bahiyyih, members of Cherry Bullet and Fanatics. 

With 11 episodes down and one more to go, the K-pop survival show has had several iconic moments. The girls looked quite stylish for the mini-fashion show as they abandoned their uniforms. We also had them paragliding and meeting Dayeon’s mother to Bahiyyih FaceTiming her brother. Along with the chaotic sports day, we’ve gotten to know the participants quite well. So, while we wait for the finale that will have the final mission and will decide the final lineup of the debut group, here are nine viral moments and performances from the show.

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The girls who made it to the finale (@_girlsplanet999/Twitter)

Hsin Wei accidentally calls Jingoo ugly

From the very first episode itself, we had several fun moments - from the Liang twins messing up to Hikaru wowing everyone with her ‘Boombayah’ stage. However, everyone was tickled when one of the participants had a hilarious response to Jingoo’s introduction. When the K-drama actor was announced as the MC, the show asked C group’s Hsin Wei what she thought of him. Being short-sighted and not fluent in Korean, she accidentally called him ugly. The two bantered several times on the show due to the incident with her finally calling him ‘oppa’ (older brother).


Cai Bing’s introduction

Cai Bing’s fans claimed that she didn’t make it to the finale due to Mnet’s ‘evil editing’ despite her being in the TOP9 several times and winning missions. However, no one can forget her introduction when she went viral. Before the show started, each of the 99 participants released a short introductory clip where they showed off their charms and talent. Cai Bing shocked everyone with her confidence and visuals as she posed and looked seductively at the camera.


Yeseo crying in ‘Fate’

Team Fate probably had the hardest time when it came to the Combination Mission. They had to make a contemporary choreography to an emotional ballad. The girls had a tough time creating a dance that was graceful and expressed the song well. With dance mentor Koo-young giving them pointers, they aced the mission and won it. But what moved everyone was Yeseo, who was so into the song that she had tears in her eyes while dancing to the emotional song.


Yujin hinting at CLC disbanding

It should be noted that CLC is one of the leading third-gen girl groups with several achievements and hit songs. So, some were surprised when one of the members, Yujin decided to participate in the survival show to debut once again with another group. When asked about it, she teared up and said that her label Cube had dismissed the group. The label has previously come under fire for not taking care of its artists. Fans were quick to think that CLC might be disbanding but no one is certain about the future of the group at the moment.


Wen Zhe and Xiaoting decorating with balloons

We’ve had some funny moments in the show too, especially surrounding Wen Zhe who can even be considered as the mood-maker among the girls. She is always seen lightening the mood as she got the girls to show off their charms while they were working on a farm. However, fans were amused when she and Xiaoting had to decorate the practice room for the surprise party that the girls were hosting for the mentors. The two girls struggled to put up 999 balloons as they wondered which way looked right.


Fu Yaning dissing Yujin

Fu Yaning and Yujin might have a sweet relationship right now, but things seemed rocky when they first met. Yaning was supposed to perform CLC’s ‘Helicopter’ for her demo stage and when asked to say a few words to Yujin, she said “We go up, but you don’t.” The editing in the trailer made it seem that everyone was upset and had viewers trolling Yaning on Twitter. Some even unearthed that she was racist in the past for which she apologized. Well, it looks like bygones are bygones with Yujin and Yaning as friends.


Team U+Me=Love

The Creation Mission had several obstacles as midway several girls were eliminated. Those who didn’t have enough girls or too many girls in their teams had to reorganize. A lot of the participants were kicked out and had to join Team U+Me=Love. Many considered it as the misfit team. However, the girls proved them wrong from Suyeon acing the killing part to Youngeun wowing everyone with her singing and high note during the bridge. They ended up winning the mission.


Seventeen’s ‘Pretty U’ 

The Connect Mission was the very first mission of the show and it was pretty fierce from the get-go. Two teams had to perform the same girl group song, while three teams had to perform boy group songs. Some of the teams were stronger as they had several TOP9 girls or talented vocalists who could easily hit high notes. But it was Team Pretty U who stole everyone’s heart as they performed the cute song by Seventeen. Myah became an instant favorite of everyone as the youngest participant showed off her ‘aegyo’ (cute charms).


Blackpink’s ‘Ice Cream’ ft Selena Gomez

Team Ice Cream may not have won the Combination Mission, but they definitely have won hearts. While they had a rough start, their performance was highly anticipated. Fans knew that Dayeon would be a front-runner after she single-handedly made the choreography for the Blackpink and Selena Gomez song. There were several highlights from Bahiyyih’s “bite me” improv and Dayeon’s solo rap to Ririka's duality.


The finale, episode 12, will air on October 22 at 8 pm KST (7 am ET) on Mnet's channel, YouTube channel, Japan’s ABEMA and iQIYI.