‘Girls Planet 999’ Episode 7 Recap: Performances and winners of Combination Mission

The remaining teams perform to songs by the likes of IU, Itzy and 2PM, Jingoo announces the winners of the Combination Mission

                            ‘Girls Planet 999’ Episode 7 Recap: Performances and winners of Combination Mission
Team My House, Cai Bing, Yeseo dancing to 'Fate' and Shana (@_girlsplanet999/Twitter)

In Episode 7 of Mnet’s ‘Girls Planet 999’, we see the remaining teams perform the Combination Mission. Taeyeon’s OST ‘All About You’ for Jingoo’s K-drama ‘Hotel Del Luna’ was sung by Yeyoung, Sakura Miu and Xingqiao. Mentor Hanbyul praised Yeyoung and said she could be the main vocalist. Itzy’s ‘MAFIA In the morning’ was sung by Mashiro, Jiwon and Fu Yaning. While the practice was considered boring as they were asked to work on the facial expressions, they pulled through for the performance.

Kotone, Liang Jiao and Chaeyun selected ‘Show Me The Money’s’ ‘VVS’ to perform. Rapper Woo Wonjae who was a guest mentor found the performance during the interim check endearing but wanted the team to perform fiercely. The actual performance was cute as they overcame their difficulties. They were still off-key and Wonjae frankly stated that it was not a good performance, but they made him happy as they had improved.


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Liang Jiao, Chaeyun and Kotone sing 'VVS' from 'Show Me The Money' (@_girlsplanet999/Twitter)

Shana from Team My Sea shines

Shana lost her confidence as the song she had selected, IU’s ‘My Sea’ had too many high notes. She let down the mentors during the interim check but pulled through on stage. However, Jiyoon made a mistake during rehearsal. And she failed even in the final performance. But the judges praised everyone and cheered Jiyoon. Hanbyul also shared that he thought Shana was the best vocalist out of the 99 participants.


Team My House has a rough start

Wang Yale led the team singing 2PM’s ‘My House’ and arranged the song but the interim check didn’t go well. Youngeun ranked first as she surprised the judges with her singing voice. And the final R&B version of the song wowed the judges. As the youngest of J group, Ayana was praised for her improvement. Previously, there was discord between Yale and Youngeun as they didn’t agree on what went wrong in the interim check. But when Yale was commended for leading the team well she added that Youngeun had helped her. 


Cai Bing as a leader of Team Salute

Around four-five girls like Jia, Doah and Cai Bing helped choreograph Little Mix’s ‘Salute’. But leader Cai said she choreographed when the mentors asked, which the other girls did not appreciate. There was also friction as she was a beat faster and so the mentors advised to change the girl doing the killing part. But with Cai crying, the team said they wouldn’t. But they didn’t agree with her excuses as she said she didn’t practice because she was taking care of everyone and said she could do what she wanted because she was the leader. The final performance was good and all nine girls shined while Jia was singled out for impressing the judges.


Team Fate weaves a story

Team Fate had a bad interim check as they couldn’t choreograph Lee Sun-hee’s ‘Fate’. Dance mentor Kooyoung advised them by telling them to create a story with their dance. Yujin gave the idea of weaving the ‘Girls Planet 999’ participants' story with the dance since some will leave and some will debut with the promise that all 99 girls will meet one day. And so the members are seen teary-eyed while performing. The performance touched everyone and even Jingoo came backstage to cheer the girls.


Watch the performance for 'All About You':


Watch the performance for 'VVS':


Team Salute, Team MAFIA and Team Fate win the Combination Mission (@_girlsplanet999/Twitter)

The winners of Combination Mission

The winners of each category were then announced:
Groups of 3 - Team MAFIA won with a score of 93.83/100. 90,000 benefit points were given to each team member.
3 teams of 6 members - Team Fate won with 95/100 score. 45,000 benefit points were given to each team member.
9-member group - Team Salute won against Team Ice Cream with a difference of 0.33 marks. A benefit of 30,000 points was given to each team member.

Watch the performance for 'Mafia':


Preview of Episode 8

It was then revealed that in next week's episode, the girls surviving and getting eliminated would be announced with Round 2 of voting ending on September 18. We also got a preview of Episode 8 with the third mission being announced - Creation Mission. New songs with choreography for each have been made. The songs were released on Mnet's YouTube and the viewers' comments were taken into consideration while making the teams for the girls. We also see the girls' desperation to survive and make it to the top 9.

Episode 8 will air on September 24 at 8.20 pm KST (7.20 am ET) on Mnet’s channel and YouTube channel. Watch the preview for the songs of Creation Mission below:


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