‘Girls Planet 999’ Episode 8 Recap: Creation Mission and round 2 of eliminations

‘Girls Planet 999’ Episode 8 Recap: Creation Mission and round 2 of eliminations
The girls prepare for the next mission before elimination (Mnet K-POP/YouTube)

In ‘Girls Planet 999’ Episode 8, Mnet announced the third mission -- Creation Mission. All 54 girls will prepare together but the ones who get eliminated cannot perform on stage. For the mission, new songs and choreography were created. The first song was ‘U+Me=Love’ made by Alawn who has made SuperM’s ‘100’ and Anna Timgren who has made Oh My Girl’s ‘Dun Dun Dance’. It is an upbeat electro-pop song with a powerful and feminine dance. 

Shoot’ -- the second song was made by E.one who has also made IZ*ONE’s ‘Sequence’ and the signal song ‘O.O.O.’ ‘Shoot’ is a synth-pop song with a cute retro vibe. Producers Tenzo and EB of Wanna One’s ‘Beautiful’ made the powerful and mysterious moombahton song ‘Snake’. Yoske, who is known for Astro’s ‘Always You’ made the powerful and fresh ‘Utopia’. ‘Utopia' is an energetic pop dance song. And through voting, the new teams to perform these songs were made. 

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Team Shoot includes some of the youngest participants (Mnet K-POP/YouTube)

Creation Mission teams

Team Shoot’s leader was Yujin. The girls were not confident because a lot of them had low rankings. No one wanted to take up the main vocal or killing parts. Yujin took up the main vocal part despite it being her first time. Team U+Me=Love had Doah taking the killing part while Jiwon was the proxy. MC Jingoo had told the girls to have backup proxy positions as some of them would get eliminated later. During training, Ayoung complimented Jiwon and said that she was made for the killing part.


Cai Bing's team struggles while Dayeon's team practises on the side (Mnet K-POP/YouTube)


Most of the main vocalists were in Team Utopia. Bora was the leader and the main vocal while Reina was the proxy main vocalist. Team Snake had leadership issues as Dayeon and Cai Bing wanted to be leaders. Team Salute from the previous mission didn’t want Cai Bing. The two candidates decided that they would both lead for a day and then the girls would vote. Team 2 which Cai was leading didn’t make any progress. Dayeon’s team was doing better and so she was later chosen as the leader.


MC Jingoo announces the survivors (Mnet K-POP/YouTube)

Elimination of round 2

MC Jingoo then began the elimination segment. The bottom 10 ranked girls of each country group would be eliminated. Only up to rank #8 of each group will survive. Three girls would get a Planet Pass which would mean that a total of 27 girls would survive in the end. Rank #7 was announced first. From C group it was Fu Yaning who had performed Itzy’s ‘MAFIA’ last mission. J group’s #7 was Ruan who had survived from a Planet Pass last round. K group’s #7 candidates were Jiwon and Bora who are from the same K-pop group Cherry Bullet. Bora was chosen as #7.


Fu Yaning, Bora and Ruan are #7 while Hsin Wei, Myah and Ririka are #6 (Mnet K-POP/YouTube)


#6 was Hsin Wei, a C girl who had performed ‘Ice Cream’ . Ririka, the J girl was also in the same team. Even the K girl was in Team Ice Cream and was Myah. #5 was J group’s Manami and had rapped ‘We Are’. K girl Youngeun had done the killing part to 2PM’s ‘My House’ . C group’s #5 was Wen Zhe who had previously been saved from the Planet Pass.

#4 was the leader and had the killing part in Team Salute, C girl Cai Bing. The J girl was a vocalist that didn’t win the previous mission and was Shana. The K girl was a dancer and had the killing part and was Yeseo. J group’s #3 was Hikaru, #2 was Mashiro and #1 was Yurina. C group’s #3 was Xingqiao, #2 was Su Ruiqi and #1 was Xiaoting. K group’s #3 was Dayeon, #2 was Chaehyun and #1 was Yujin. All three country groups’ #1s from the previous round retained their ranks.


May, Ziyin and Bahiyyih are #8 (Mnet K-POP/YouTube)

The last rank

Jingoo then announced the J candidates for the last surviving rank -- #8 It was Kotone and May with May being selected. C candidates were Ziyin and Liang Jiao with Ziyin surviving. K candidates were Bahiyyih and Doah with Bahiyyih being chosen.


Xiaoting and Yurina again compete for the #1 TOP9 position (@_girlsplanet999/Twitter)

The TOP9 candidates

The TOP9 candidates who would be most likely to be part of the winners and the subsequent debut group were then announced. The #9 girl was in TOP9 in the first voting round and was K group’s Chaehyun. #8 was the leader of Team Salute which won, it was C group’s Cai Bing. #7 Xingqiao was in the TOP9 for the first time. #6 Su Ruiqi was in Team Fate. #5 was a dancer and didn’t have the killing part and turned out to be Yujin. #4 was J group’s Hikaru. #3 was again from J group and turned out to be Mashiro. Candidates for #1 were Xiaoting and Yurina again. But this time Xiaoting was voted as #1 and Yurina was #2.


Xingqiao and Mashiro are in the TOP9 too (Mnet K-POP/YouTube)

The Planet Pass

This time the planet pass for J group was given to Kotone. All of the mentors agreed that she had improved and were impressed that she rapped in Korean for the Combination Mission. The C group girl selected was Xinyu. The mentors were happy with her dynamic range from vocals to rapping. The K group girl was Suyeon. The mentors chose her because she could adapt to different genres and stood out. She could express herself well regardless of the song.


Kotone, Xinyu and Suyeon get the Planet Pass (Mnet K-POP/YouTube)

Round 3 voting

The next mission will proceed without the group ratio limit that was decided at the beginning of the episode. There will be 17 survivors in the next round regardless of the group ratio. There will only be one planet pass. The third round of voting has also begun. The lowest 9 ranks of each country group will be eliminated. The voting ends on October 9 at 10 am KST (October 8 at 9 pm ET). Viewers can also vote for which girls would suit the ‘O.O.O’ debut group version. The voting for the debut group version will close on September 27 at 10 am KST (September 26 at 9 pm ET).


Preview of episode 9 

We see Suyeon not agreeing with the way Team Snake was handling things. It is then revealed that the girls can choose to change the teams as several go to different teams for the Creation Mission. Episode 9 will air on October 1 at 8:20 pm KST (7:20 am ET) on Mnet's channel and YouTube channel


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 Girls Planet 999 Episode 8 Recap Creation Mission and round 2 eliminations