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Is CLC really going to disband? Yujin's revelation on 'Girls Planet 999' confuses fans

There might yet be some hope for CLC despite Yujin’s confession on ‘Girls Planet 999’ of Cube dismissing the group
Yujin talks about CLC's future (@cube_clc_official)
Yujin talks about CLC's future (@cube_clc_official)

CLC is a K-pop girl group that was formed in 2015 under Cube Entertainment. Home to some of the most iconic K-pop acts like Rain, BTOB, 4minute and Beast (Highlight), the agency is responsible for managing the activities and promoting the releases of CLC. And the girl group has done quite well since their rookie years. From ranking high on charts like Billboard to having sold-out concerts and music show wins, CLC was one of the leading groups of third-gen.

However, fans were not happy with the way their agency was handling CLC. Since 2017, the group’s activities are slowly getting curtailed as their comebacks keep getting reduced. In 2018 they had only one comeback. In 2020, they came back after one year and only released the album, ‘Helicopter’. While three of the members did release an OST this year and Sorn had her solo debut, the group is yet to make a comeback in 2021.


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Elkie leaves CLC

In fact, Elkie left the group last year on the grounds that Cube was yet to pay for her acting gigs and had stopped “developmental support” of CLC, which meant that the group’s future was on hold. And with what Yujin had to say has substantiated Elkie’s statement. Yujin is currently participating in the survival show Mnet’s ‘Girls Planet 999’. In the second episode aired on August 13, she confessed something so shocking that fans and non-fans alike are stunned.


Cube dismisses CLC

Before she went on stage for her performance, Mnet released a confession where she is hesitant to introduce herself as CLC’s Yujin. She then says, “The company said the team was dismissed.” She also said that she gave her all when she was in the group even though she wasn’t comfortable with their concept of being tough girls. It often made her feel invisible. She said she joined the survival show because she wanted to continue singing and show her different sides.

Yujin talks about CLC on 'Girls Planet 999' (Mnet K-POP/YouTube)

Several fans and news agencies concluded that this meant that CLC had unofficially disbanded or were on their way to disbanding. However, many believe that she might have been referring to their time in 2020 as Elkie had said the group’s future was on hold. Other members’ words also started circulating. When Eunbin was asked about the future of CLC since Yujin was on 'Girls Planet 999', she said currently they were focusing on individual ventures and the group’s activities would resume after the show ended. She again replied to a fan’s message asking about their comeback by saying that they were waiting for Yujin to come back.


Another fan clarified that being dismissed meant that Cube would not be supporting the group’s activities but CLC is still together since their contract is still in place. And while the company might be discussing disbandment, they could reconsider especially if Yujin’s stint on 'Girls Planet 999' helps the group’s popularity.


'Rooting for Yujin'

One Cheshire cheered Yujin, “U will be successful yujin, cube is gonna get their karma.” Another noticed, “HER CALLING HERSELF CLC CHOI YUJIN RIGHT BEFORE SHE SAID CUBE DISMISSED CLC IS SUCH A POWER MOVE IDGAFFFF ROT IN HELL.” Fans were happy with the recognition she was getting on the show, “Choi yujin top 9 candidate.. My baby She's deserve  the world.” Another said, “I'm so sad what the hell, i was just a casual fan of clc but this breaks my heart. rooting for yujin !!”