‘Girls Planet 999’ Episode 10 Recap: Fan meeting and Creation Mission winners

After a fan meeting, the Creation Mission performances take place with the winners being announced

                            ‘Girls Planet 999’ Episode 10 Recap: Fan meeting and Creation Mission winners
The teams for the Creation Mission perform in Episode 10 (@_girlsplanet999/Twitter)

In Mnet’s ‘Girls Planet 999’ Episode 10, we see the girls preparing gifts for their first fan meeting titled ‘Drive To Planet’. It was a contactless drive-thru fan meeting where the girls performed ‘O.O.O.’ Wen Zhe, Yeseo and Mashiro were the MCs. They then had a Q&A segment. Hsin Wei was asked about her first impression of Jingoo as she had initially called him ugly by accident. 

This time she corrected her Korean and said he was handsome. Hsin Wei also called him ‘oppa’ (older brother) and Wen Zhe joked she couldn't because they were the same age. Next, the youngest participant, Myah was asked why she sleeps in other people’s rooms. She said she was too scared to sleep alone. She then was asked to pick her favorite trainee’s room and she said it was Yujin’s. Then some of the girls performed mission songs.

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The girls have a fan meeting (Mnet K-POP/YouTube)

Fan meeting

Bora was asked to sing a song with Chaehyun and sang IU’s ‘My Sea’. The girls who had performed CLC’s ‘Helicopter’ at the demo stage performed again with Yujin joining them. Fu Yaning and Yujin hugged and bantered which the fans loved. Dayeon and Youngeun performed ‘Kick It’. Before performing, Team Boombayah revealed that Hikaru had been strict and texted Shana after she messed up the demo stage. Team Ice Cream performed to thank fans for getting their performance video to 7 million views. The final performance was by Team How You Like That.


Creation Mission

On the day of the Creation Mission, Sunmi’s pink hair caught everyone’s eye as she is preparing for her comeback. We also got a flashback to the girls preparing a surprise event to thank mentors before the first interim practice. They decorated and wrote letters for them. They also made bracelets that the mentors and Jingoo wore on the Creation Mission day. As for the mission, the mentors explained that it was about creativity since the girls have already proved their talent with the previous missions. The winners will get double benefit points.

Team Shoot performed first. Yujin was the leader and main vocalist. The girls were unstable during the interim check. Hsin Wei who was offbeat improved and the final performance was fun and cheerful. Sunmi and the mentors felt that they were like a group that had already debuted.


Team Utopia was next. Xiangqiao had trouble dancing and so Bora and Yeseo helped her learn. She was called out during the interim check while Chaehyun’s vocals were unstable. The final performance was pretty with Bora’s high note as the highlight. But dance mentors Juhee and Kooyoung felt the overall performance wasn’t too good as Chaehyun’s nervousness showed while Xiaoting should have practised more.


Team U+Me=Love was next. Suyeon was nervous as she had barely made it with a Planet Pass and had never performed a cute song. But she was ranked as one of the top members as she did well in the interim check. The girls cheered each other and kept the mood light as they reminisced about their previous stages. Their final performance was good with those who had the Planet Pass redeeming themselves.


Team Snake had four TOP9 girls. During the interim check, the mentors found Su Ruiqi’s singing to be bland and suggested Fu Yaning as the main vocalist. The former didn't want the latter's part and so made the atmosphere uncomfortable during practice. Su Ruiqi ended up crying with the girls trying to cheer her up. The overall final performance was good with Hikaru, Dayeon and Xiaoting being praised. But Fu Yaning was too fast and unstable. Juhee gave last-minute pointers to Su Ruiqi which she didn't follow and brought down the energy of the opening part.


Winning team and final mission

There was a 1.34 point gap between first and second place. With 94.17 points the 1st place went to Team U+Me=Love. As winners, they will get to perform on Mnet's 'M Countdown' next week. Jingoo also announced that there would be one last mission and if the girls survive they would get to stand on the final stage and be considered as a candidate for the final debut group.

Team U+Me=Love had smooth teamwork and practice (Mnet K-POP/YouTube)

Voting for round 3

The next and final mission is titled O.O.O Mission. For pre-voting for this mission, viewers have to go on Mnet's YouTube and like the individual fancams of the girls performing 'O.O.O' on October 9. Next week’s episode will also announce the third survival and elimination round. Only 17 girls will survive and one girl will get a Planet Pass regardless of the group ratio limit. Voting for the third elimination round closes on October 9 at 10 am KST (October 8 at 9 pm ET).

Preview of Episode 11

In the preview of Episode 11, we get a glimpse of what the O.O.O Mission will be. The debut group has three versions. 9 girls are allotted to each version. It is then revealed that one of the versions has all TOP9 girls and could be the one that will debut in the end. Episode 11 will air on October 15 at 8.20 pm KST (7.20 am ET) on Mnet's channel and YouTube channel.

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