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Mnet's 'Girls Planet 999': Trainee mocks CLC's Yujin, shocked fans say 'she isn't lasting long'

Chinese trainee Fu Yaning just stirred up a hornet's nest as she mocked Yujin. Will the mentors and viewers forgive her?
Chinese trainee Fu Yaning dissed CLC's Yujin on Mnet 'Girls Planet 999' (Mnet K-POP/YouTube)
Chinese trainee Fu Yaning dissed CLC's Yujin on Mnet 'Girls Planet 999' (Mnet K-POP/YouTube)

Mnet’s newest survival show ‘Girls Planet 999’ is definitely living up to the hype. The show is a competition from which the winners will get together to form a new girl group like IZ*ONE and I.O.I. Dubbed as the female version of the survival show ‘I-LAND’, ‘Girls Planet 999’ is ambitious with 99 participants from South Korea, China and Japan. It also has big names attached to it like K-pop stars Sunmi and Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany as mentors. Airing on August 6, the show has released teasers that is much talked about.

Previously, ‘Girls Planet 999’ released introductory performance stages for all of the participants as well as clips through which viewers could get to know them better. The show also released behind-the-scenes footage of the mentors and trainers discussing the girls and their talent. However, it is Mnet’s newest teaser, a preview of the first episode with CLC’s Yujin that has the Internet buzzing.

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Episode 1 preview

In the short one-minute clip, we saw the trainees performing covers of iconic songs, the judging panel’s reactions and the seating arrangement of the girls participating. The total number of girls who would be part of the winning girl group was revealed to be 9. Host Yeo Jin-goo also announced a plot twist where teams consisting of a Chinese participant, a Korean participant and a Japanese participant would either survive together or get eliminated.

During the montage of the girls performing song covers, one trainee’s response got mixed reactions. While Korean trainee Yujin is a participant in the show, she is already a part of the successful K-pop group CLC. And in fact, one of their songs, ‘Helicopter’ was going to be performed by a group of Chinese trainees. When the host asked one of the Chinese trainees to comment on the original performer of the song her response shocked everybody.

Fu Yaning in 'Girls Planet 999' (Mnet K-POP/YouTube)

Fu Yaning is a Chinese trainee who has also participated in the Chinese survival show 'Youth With You 2' and ranked 53rd. She was supposed to cover CLC’s ‘Helicopter’ and hence knew the lyrics of the song. So using wordplay she used a part of the lyrics to diss Yujin. She said, “We go up, but you don’t.” The other participants were surprised while the mentors, Sunmi and Tiffany’s smiles fell.

CLC's Yujin in 'Girls Planet 999' (Mnet K-POP/YouTube)

Fans and non-fans alike came to Yujin’s defense and stated that this wasn’t the hip-hop survival show ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ where participants were supposed to make diss tracks. Even in the previous teasers, the judging panel had said that they wished the show would just focus on the wholesome growth of the girls in their journey to the top.

'She should be careful'

Yujin and Mnet started trending on Twitter. One Twitter user tweeted, “Yujin get behind me.” Another user tweeted, “SUMINS FACE WHEN FU YANING SHADED CHOI YUJIN IS PRICELESS!” One tweeted, “The way their faces dropped when she insulted yujin.. she isn't lasting long lmao.” Another tweeted, “Bro... yujin face she was really planning a murder in her head.” One tweeted, “Oh my god, please don’t start these accusations the Chinese trainees act like this on the Chinese survival shows, it’s called competing let’s not start babying contestants who are fighting to debut.” Another tweeted, “I know it's evil editing but fyn, ranked 53 on youth with you and trying to compete again, saying that to yujin isn't right... can fyn work hard and debut like yujin...? she should think carefully. also isn't yujin is senior/older than fyn... she should be careful.” One pointed out that with this drama, it had caught the attention of the general public, “Mnet an evil genius.”