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'Girls Planet 999' Episode 11 Recap: Final eliminations and TOP9 girls before finale

In the penultimate episode, only 18 survived out of the 26 girls, and the ranks changed with new additions to the TOP9 girls
UPDATED OCT 22, 2021
Only 18 girls have made it to the finale episode (@_girlsplanet999/Twitter)
Only 18 girls have made it to the finale episode (@_girlsplanet999/Twitter)

Episode 11 happens to be the second last episode of Mnet’s survival show ‘Girls Planet 999’. The O.O.O Mission helped decide the 18 participants that will go on to the finals. Three teams of 8 to 9 girls performed the ‘O.O.O’ song once more and viewers could vote by liking the girls’ fancams on YouTube. The teams were made through votes and mentors’ decisions. One girl from each team with the most liked fancam would be a winner and get benefit points. The girls ranked from #1 to #9 are called the TOP9.

Team 1 had the most TOP9 girls and Wen Zhe even joked that it would be the group that would end up debuting. Yujin got the killing part and it was her first time getting it. Yurina got the vocal part 1, which was the most impactful. As for Yeseo, she was worried even while filming the stage as she thought she was the least popular and wouldn’t get any votes. 

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Team 3 moves mentors to tears during interim check (Mnet K-POP/YouTube)

The O.O.O Mission

Team 2 was dubbed the charismatic team. But they had trouble picking the leader with May finally taking on the role. No one wanted to volunteer for parts. The mood was down because everyone’s ranking was low and they wondered if they would survive. The practice was not smooth and the interim check was messy. 

Fans dance to 'O.O.O' and share messages for the girls (Mnet K-POP/YouTube)

Team 3 was considered the visual team. Manami got the killing part. Everyone was happy with their parts. They seemed to be bubbly and the practice was fun. They also surprised everyone with a good interim check while the mentors teared up. After the filming of the O.O.O Mission, the girls got a surprise video message. Fans had sent in clips of them dancing to ‘O.O.O’ that touched the participants. Fans had also shared supportive messages for each individual girl.

The girls are excited for the O.O.O Mission winners (Mnet K-POP/YouTube)

Third survival round

MC Jingoo then announced the O.O.O Mission winners. It was Bahiyyih from Team 2, Youngeun from Team 3 and Team 1’s Yujin. He also announced the girls who had survived and those who were eliminated. The first 17 ranks and a Planet Pass girl would survive and make it to the finale. The MC first announced the ranks from #16 to #1.
#16 - C group’s Xing Qiao.
#15 - The candidate was from Team 3 and Team We Are. It was K group’s Bora.
#14 - She had a Planet Pass before and hadn’t got any benefit points. It was Wen Zhe.
#13 - Bahiyyih
#12 - Yeseo
#11 - Chaehyun had been in the TOP9 before.
#10 - Su Ruiqi had been #6 back to back in the past.

Dayeon and Xiaoting are the candidates for #1 (@_girlsplanet999/Twitter)

The TOP9 girls

The girls from #9 to #1 are the most likely to debut. #9 was Youngeun from Team U+Me=Love. #8 was Team 2’s Fu Yaning and entered the TOP9 for the first time. Till then, not a single J-group girl had been announced. The first J-group girl to make it was Shana who was #7. #6 was Yurina who had been ranked #1 in the past. #5 was Yujin and #4 was Hikaru. The candidates for #1 were Dayeon, Xiaoting, and Mashiro with Mashiro ranking #3. Dayeon maintained her rank as #2. #1 was Xiaoting. Everyone was impressed that she has always been #1 or been a candidate since the beginning.

Hsin Wei and Suyeon are the candidates for the last rank, i.e. #17 (@_girlsplanet999/Twitter)

The last rank and Planet Pass

The candidates for #17 were Hsin Wei and Suyeon with Suyeon being selected. Hsin Wei cried and so couldn’t say any last words. She spoke at the end of the episode and moved everyone. The Planet Pass went to Myah. The mentors said that it was a tough choice but she was outstanding and had always given her 100%. The 26 girls bid each other farewell after filming. Some of the shocking eliminations were Cai Bing who had been in the TOP9 before, May who is part of the same K-pop group as Bora, Manami who surprised everyone with her 'We Are' stage and Hsin Wei.

The eliminated girls wait for the Planet Pass that eventually goes to Myah (bottom left) (Mnet K-POP/YouTube)

Last voting round and final episode preview

The fourth and last voting round begins from October 15 to 22. Viewers can vote once a day on the UNIVERSE app. They can only vote for one girl revealed MC Jingoo. The 12th and final episode will air next week. We will get one final live performance and the announcement of the debut group. In the preview of next week’s episode, we see a performance video for ‘Shine’. The girls will be performing it for the final stage. Jingoo states that only one team can secure the ending part, which most girls want. Episode 12 will air on October 22 at 8 pm KST (7 am ET) on Mnet's channel, YouTube channel, Japan’s ABEMA and iQIYI.