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Judah Charles Lotter

Judah Charles Lotter

Drummer, pianist, and lover of music made with effort and soul. I am a wordsmith that tends to look at sharper truths without over-colorizing. When it comes to writing, I prefer to search for the beauty of an artist's work, rather than tear it down based on my first impressions.

NBC slammed for saying Paul Simon will end up historical footnote to Bob Dylan, Internet says 'he's doing fine'

'NBC News with this absolute brutal body slam on Paul Simon out of NOWHERE,' a user commented
Apr 3, 2021

Charli XCX and Tove Lo tease collab songs while on Palm Springs holiday, fans say 'can’t get out my head'

'I knew streaming a lot of tove lo this week was a sign!!!! Can’t wait to hear it 😍😍,' a fan commented
Apr 3, 2021

Lil Dicky says he avoided girls because his penis was 'too weird': 'Body trauma has been top of my mind'

Dicky was born with hypospadias, a congenital condition in males in which the opening of the urethra is on the underside of the penis
Apr 3, 2021

Demi Lovato releases 'Dancing With The Devil' music video, fans say 'she turned pain and struggle into song'

'That moment when you’re lying on a hospital bed singing/lipsyncing to the lyrics about your overdose and you can only sob... but you keep recording. And you keep it in the final cut,' a fan said
Apr 2, 2021

Wheein's 'Redd': Air time, how to live stream, teasers and all you need to know about Mamamoo singer's solo debut album

Fans can look forward to a number of concept photos and film, the soon-to-be-shared tracklist, a highlight medley, an interview, and more
Apr 2, 2021

Lil Nas X calls halt on 'Satan Shoes' sale over Nike lawsuit 'f***ed up', Internet tells rapper 'you messed up'

'Nike had the right to do what they did. No one is stopping you from REALLY making your own shoes, and no one is stopping you from speaking out,' one user said
Apr 2, 2021

NLE Choppa claims drugs were planted on him and calls Florida arrest a set up: 'I will walk a free man'

Cops also said they found a Glock 27 with an extended magazine and an AK-47 Draco pistol in the vehicle near where the rapper was found and a bag also contained drugs
Apr 2, 2021

NBA YoungBoy accused of skipping mandatory drug tests, court records show rapper got dental work done instead

NBA YoungBoy 'started out' complying with the mandatory calls, but failed to complete the other required tasks, as per a representative for the corrections service responsible for Gaulden’s case
Apr 1, 2021

3YE makes comeback with 'Stalker' music video, fans tell viewers to 'stay hydrated'

'I feel bad for anyone who’s not obsessed with them yet,' a fan commented
Apr 1, 2021

Cardi B slams Utah anti-porn bill, calls out state's hypocrisy for not condemning child sex abuse in FLDS cult

I respect everyone’s religion but Utah restricting porn and not regulating the disgusting things that happen in the FLDS,' Cardi B said
Apr 1, 2021

Tame Impala ‘Innerspeaker’ concert: Air time, how to live stream, concept and all you need to know about virtual show

Tame Impala will perform their acclaimed debut LP 'Innerspeaker' in its entirety. The album released on May 21, 2010 and consists of 11 songs with a total runtime of about 54 minutes
Apr 1, 2021

iKON drops live video of 'Why Why Why' and fans can't get over K-pop band's surprise: 'Just pure talent'

'Popular opinion: iKON vocals are not a joke. Their vocals are masterpiece,' said a fan
Mar 31, 2021

Black Deer Festival: Dates, venue, line-up and all you need to know about Americana and country fest

Van Morrison, Frank Turner, Robert Plant and others will be performing this year
Mar 31, 2021

Is Drake OK? Knife-wielding woman arrested after storming into rapper's $100M home and beating guard with pipe

Although we don't yet know if Drake was home at the time of the incident, police are treating the case as if he was
Mar 31, 2021

Mustafa 'When Smoke Rises': Air time, how to live stream, concept and all you need to know about singer's debut album

The album will feature collaborations with Blake, Frank Dukes and Jamie xx, while Sampha is revealed as a guest feature with the arrival of the tracklist
Mar 31, 2021

'Solar: Rise': Live stream, air date, concept photos and all you need to know about Lunarsolar's comeback album

'Solar: Rise' serves as a single album comprised of six tracks, including three instrumental renditions of the first three songs
Mar 25, 2021

Method Man asks modern rappers how they're making so much 'f**kin' money', says he used to make $2,500 a show

'We’re in the era now where these kids, they got more money than, son …. I couldn’t imagine. I still ain’t takin’ private jets and I think I earned that! Where they gettin’ this money? I wanna know'
Mar 25, 2021

Is Rihanna dropping new music? Singer teases 'just 1' song as fan asks her to celebrate 'Anti' with new track

The last time that Rihanna dropped a single was back in 2016 with the release of 'Sledgehammer'
Mar 25, 2021

Does BTS' 'Dynamite' live up to the hype? K-pop group's mega-hit continues to break records with MV milestones

Guinness World Records, impressive YouTube milestones, charting-topping performances, and more, BTS' 'Dynamite' is a song that champions success
Mar 24, 2021