iKON drops live video of 'Why Why Why' and fans can't get over K-pop band's surprise: 'Just pure talent'

'Popular opinion: iKON vocals are not a joke. Their vocals are masterpiece,' said a fan

                            iKON drops live video of 'Why Why Why' and fans can't get over K-pop band's surprise: 'Just pure talent'
Boy band iKon (Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)

K-pop boy group iKON had numerous fans turning their heads with a stunning new performance of their single 'Why Why Why'. 'Why Why Why', an emotional ballad, is the fourth digital single by the group. It was released on March 3, 2021. The song was written and composed by member Bobby alongside Sonny, LIL G, CHOICE37, and LP. The song marked a comeback for the group and was accompanied by an official music video. The music video portrays a love story with the theme of a flower, which first blooms beautifully but eventually wilts away as time passes.

Reportedly iKON's Kim Donghyuk could not help his tears from flowing at the time when they were recording the song. Donghyuk recently opened up about the song in the band’s interview with news.naver.com. In the interview, he shared how the song is about lovers who break up and who try to understand the separation while also accepting it. He also said that every member of the band had “put a lot of effort to convey the emotion contained in the lyrics.” 


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Now, out of nowhere, the boys surprise-dropped a live video rendition of their latest digital single, reminding fans why it pays to stan such a talented group of artists. In the video, the iKON members can be seen seated in a dimly lit bedroom and delivering tender croonings one at a time while subtly introducing harmonies. Fans and newcomers to iKON were blown away by the live performance and took to the comments section of the video on YouTube. "Popular opinion: iKON vocals are not a joke. Their vocals are masterpiece," said a fan while another wrote, "Not even overreacting buh this is the best thing I've ever heard the world is healing." 

One fan wrote, "This is the proof. iKON only need mics and apparently a beret for Chanwoo because he is so gorgeous!!!!!!! No cringy act, loud bgm, shiny skin showing outfit, crazy props, editing, effects. Just PURE TALENT. Stan talent, STAN iKON."

"For non-iKONICs who's watching this video, i wanna say that this group is so worth to stan i swear. Its a total package of vocals, rappers, dancers, and artists. Stan iKON stan talent.." commented another fan to which someone replied, "Im not a stan but my friend made me watch this and many other ikon stuff and im not complaining."

"Original version: crying while headbanging in the club This version: crying in bed at 3am," added another fan.

Watch iKON's incredible live performance of 'Why Why Why' below.


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