3YE makes comeback with 'Stalker' music video, fans tell viewers to 'stay hydrated'

'I feel bad for anyone who’s not obsessed with them yet,' a fan commented

                            3YE makes comeback with 'Stalker' music video, fans tell viewers to 'stay hydrated'
K-pop girls Yuji, Yurim and Haeun are part of 3YE (3ye_official/Instagram)

3YE has just dropped the new music video for their highly-anticipated comeback single 'Stalker'. 3YE (써드아이; pronounced Third Eye) is a South Korean girl group formed by GH Entertainment in 2019, consisting of members Yuji, Yurim, Haeun.

During the same year as their formation, the group debuted on May 21, 2019, with the digital single 'DMT (Do Ma Thang)'. Before that, the members were part of GH's previous girl group Apple.B. Before becoming a trainee under 3YE's agency, Yuji had also participated in 'K-pop Star 2' and 'Kara Project'.

3YE's second digital single, 'OOMM (Out Of My Mind)', was released on September 17, 2019, and in November, they won the Most Anticipated Idol Award at the KY Star Awards. Their first EP, 'Triangle', released on June 29, 2020. Now, nearly a year later, on March 19, 2021, it was announced that the girls will return with their comeback single titled 'Stalker' which released during the early hours of April 1.


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K-pop girl group 3YE (3ye_official Instagram)


3YE have been continuously teasing their comeback project on social media, and much to fan excitement, they have released it with an accompanying video. 'Stalker' is a racy electronic pop track with an equally exuberant music video to match. The official visual opens with the trio appearing in classy fit suits and white fedoras, before the beat kicks in and the girls don several outfits in various settings including race car driver gear, vibrant fashionable attire, and more. According to Allkpop, 3YE partnered up with choreographer Euanflow for their physical performance in the clip.

'These girls are so talented'

Fans on YouTube were quick to comment and share their excitement over the 'Stalker' music video. "These QUEENS got me and my friends QUACKING on our Discord call, we rlly SHOOK out here LMAO!! This is literally a WHOLE BOP!!" said a fan while another wrote, "3YE does NOT miss, again. Share it on socials and all that, DO NOT LET PEOPLE SLEEP ON THEM!"

"This song slaps so hard, these girls are so talented," said a fan. One fan wrote, "If you see this then remember to drink water and stay hydrated and stream this song😄." Another fan shared, "YESSSS THEY DID NOT COME TO PLAY THIS TIME. I feel bad for anyone who’s not obsessed with them yet!"

"It’s 4am for me- it was so worth it," added another fan.
Check out 3YE's latest comeback music video for 'Stalker' below:


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