Stray Kids' Thunderous comeback gives off Joseon era meets modern horror story vibes

Stray Kids' Thunderous comeback gives off Joseon era meets modern horror story vibes
Stray Kids dress in dark wear for Thunderous music video (@Stray_Kids/Twitter)

Stray Kids has become one of the most sought after K-pop groups of 2021 after their recent releases topped charts and sold like no other JYP Entertainment group. Their last reality show appearance on ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’ was a hit for Stays when Stray Kids won the show and many new hearts.

After Hyunjin’s sudden hiatus due to false bullying allegations against him, fans gladly welcomed him back on June 26, 2021, as the group was complete again for their most recent single 'Mixtape: Oh'. Soon after that Stray Kids dropped their second full-length studio album, ‘NOEASY’, with 11 songs on August 23, 2021 at 6 pm KST (5 am ET), with ‘Thunderous’ as the title track.


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Stray Kids for 'NOEASY' (@Stray_Kids/Twitter)

The music video

The music video for ‘Thunderous’ does full justice to its title. The music video begins as an anime with Changbin starting with a rap just like he did for ‘God’s Menu'; soon after Han takes the baton and continues to rap as the video suddenly sees the boys in an outfit change. The boys were first seen in bright red outfits, with the night-time scenario from a period drama playing in the background as the boys looked out of place in the Joseon Dynasty. Then came the first outfit change where all members wore combination outfits in black and white colors. Felix seemed to rock his long mullet and Bang Chan looked amazing in his orange hair. 

Members of Stray Kids dress in Red for their new song, 'Thunderous' (@Stray_Kids/Twitter)

As Seungmin follows while taking the song to the chorus, the boys go through another outfit change. This time they are in new black and white outfits, with golden embroidery for some members. Bang Chan stands out as fans were finally able to see what he was all bandaged for during teaser photos. He is seen wearing a bandage over his left shoulder and abs as he sings, “Freezing cold but I know we’ll burn forever.”

Watch the entire video here


‘Stray Kids Thunderous Comeback’

Stray Kids also made a new record for releasing one of the biggest comeback albums from a 4th Generation group. 'NOEASY' broke through 930,000 pre-orders, which makes it very close to becoming a million pre-orders hours before its release as Stray Kids broke their own best-selling record to solidify their position as the 'leader of the 4th generation of K-pop'.

Stays have been amazed by the entire album and the way the members have added elements from anime, horror shows as well as the Joseon Era and given it a modern twist with cars in the music video.

One fan said, “Felix's vocals on first part of CHEESE is deep then soft OMG,” about another song, ‘Cheese.’ Another fan said, “THEY WORKED REALLY HARD FOR THIS COMEBACK. LET'S WORK HARD FOR THEM TOO. LET'S GO STAY.” 

One more fan tweeted, “LOOK AT THIS. Now that is skz world domination,” and another Stay said, “4th gen leaders leaders tingz only. not a single skip in NOEASY discography. as we all know, the song speaks for skz and stays definitely the first song i’d learn the rap to….the chorus is perfect. ALSO FELIX’S RAP IM.”













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