NCT's Jungwoo and Stray Kids' Lee Know to be ‘Music Core’ MCs, fans dub it a 'win for stayzens'

MBC's 'Music Core' confirmed Jungwoo and Lee Know as MCs, fans already know thanks to NCT and Stray Kids

                            NCT's Jungwoo and Stray Kids' Lee Know to be ‘Music Core’ MCs, fans dub it a 'win for stayzens'
Jungwoo and Lee Know confirmed as 'Music Core' MCs (@nct127, @realstraykids/Instagram)

MBC’s music show ‘Music Core’ has confirmed that their new hosts will be NCT’s Jungwoo and Stray Kids’ Lee Know along with the already existing MC, Minju of the former group IZ*ONE. While the broadcasting channel may have expected this news to be a surprise, fans already knew of the new MCs before. MBC dropped the press release on August 9 but members of NCT and Stray Kids accidentally confirmed this gig last month.

Music shows are integral to the K-pop industry as newly released music is promoted on such shows. Along with performances, the artists compete with one another to get a music show win. The exposure that they get from these shows is vast since even the general public tunes in to watch the stages. Additionally, interviews are done along with the announcement of the winners by the hosts of the show and several music shows rope in celebrities for the MC position. 

Jungwoo and Lee Know as MCs for ‘Music Core’? NCT and Stray Kids accidentally let the truth out

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Jungwoo, Minju, Lee Know for 'Music Core' (MBC/Naver)

Jungwoo and Lee Know as 'Music Core' MCs

‘Music Core’ was previously moderated by MCs Minju, SF9’s Chani and Stray Kids’ Hyunjin. Jungwoo and Lee Know will be replacing Chani and Hyunjin while Minju will be retaining her position. The two new MCs are going to join the show from August 14 onwards at 3:20 pm KST (2:20 am ET). This is because ‘Music Core’ is on a temporary hiatus since July 24 as MBC was broadcasting the Tokyo Olympics 2020 in the same time slot. With the Olympics ending, they will go back to the old schedule of ‘Music Core’.

It was announced on July 15 that Chani will be leaving the show after being the MC for more than two years. His last episode was on July 17 where he was joined by his SF9 members for farewell celebrations. While Hyunjin's spot was filled by special MC, ITZY’s Yeji during his hiatus even she was leaving the show. This confused fans as they wondered if Hyunjin will be coming back or if he will be replaced by his group member. Additionally, the news was confirmed by NCT’s Taeyong and Doyoung and Stray Kids’ Han.

In June, Taeyong, Doyoung and Jungwoo went on V Live where they bragged about Jungwoo’s individual schedule. They said they were proud of it but couldn’t tell NCTzens yet. Then on July 16, news agencies reported that Jungwoo and Lee Know will be replacing Chani. Stays went on the 'Bubble' app to ask Stray Kids where Han confirmed the news and asked them to support MC Lee Know. NCTzens brought back the June V Live and Han’s message and connected the dots. However, MBC then stated that nothing had been decided.

'So excited'

They finally confirmed today, but thanks to NCT and Stray Kids’ members, fans already know. Nevertheless, they took to Twitter to show their support for the new MCs. One fan tweeted, “Jungwoo and leeknow outshining minju's visual.” Another tweeted, “It’s going to be so funny if minho and jungwoo have skits like this.” One tweeted, “AAAAA JUNGWOO AND LEE KNOW we been knew but i’m so excited eee.”





An NCTzen tweeted, “Music core mc jungwoo and jungwoo for nct life can this day get any better.” Another tweeted, “I understand Taeyong... I want to brag about MC Jungwoo too every minute...” One tweeted, “I can't wait to hear your laugh and see your smile this Saturday, Jungwoo.”





A Stay tweeted, “Welcome, Mc Lee Know   Thank you, MC Hyunjin.” Another tweeted, “Two years of incredible and hard work, so proud of our hyunjin ❣ and congrats to the new MC, lee know! you will do great!” One tweeted, “Still finding it funny how han jisung accidentally confirmed that lee know will be the new MC for music core 24 days before MBC release an official statement.”