JYPE reveals new girl group members dancing to Cardi B, fans didn't expect them to be so good

JYP's new girl group revealed three of its members dancing to Cardi B's 'Press' and most fans were loving it

                            JYPE reveals new girl group members dancing to Cardi B, fans didn't expect them to be so good
JYP's 3 new group members dance to Cardi B's 'Press' (JYPn/YouTube)

When it comes to creating K-pop groups, JYP Entertainment is always at the forefront. While fans might not agree with the way the label manages some of their activities, they all accept that JYP groups have always been talented and successful. Their latest girl groups TWICE and ITZY have had continuous hit singles. In fact, TWICE just made Billboard history with their latest release and is making waves with the announcement of their first English single ‘The Feels’. Meanwhile, ITZY is one of the leading fourth-gen groups in the K-pop industry. And now expectations are high for JYP’s new girl group.

Last month, JYP caused a stir by announcing that they were launching a new girl group. They dropped a teaser captioned ‘Blind Package’ and stated that it is the debut album of their new girl group which they’ve dubbed JYPn for the time being. Along with that, the albums are only available through pre-order in the third week of July while the group is set to debut in February 2022. The internet wondered if this was a good strategy since everything about the group was under wraps.


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JYPn dances to Cardi B's 'Press' (@JYPn_official/Twitter)

3 members of JYPn revealed

But JYP’s gambling paid off. In just five days of the pre-orders, the label saw around 40k sales. And by the end of the 10th day, the group had over 61k pre-orders. This shocked the internet as no information had been released about the group. But it looks like fans have faith in the artists that debut with JYP. And as a gesture of thanks, it looks like the company is gradually revealing more about the group.

The new girl group’s social media released a dance cover of Cardi B’s ‘Press’ in which we see three members. Their names have also been revealed — Jinni, Jiwoo and Kyujin. Many believe that Jinni is Choi Yunjin who has been a trainee at JYP for six years. Jiwoo may be the main dancer of the group as she was praised for her dancing at the JYP Trainee Showcase in 2018. Kyujin seems to have joined the company in 2018 and was a student at Withbill Dance Academy. It seems like they are a part of the group’s dance line. The choreography of their dance cover was done by global choreographers, Samantha Long and Eom Taewoong. In 14 hours of its release, the cover has amassed more than 204k YouTube views.  

Watch the dance cover below.


'Didn't expect this'

Twitter users were impressed with their dancing skills and agreed that JYP never disappoints when it comes to creating a group with talented members. However, some netizens questioned the method of JYP revealing the band members since the girls seem to be teenagers. The oldest member maybe born in 2004 while the youngest could be born in 2006, which led to netizens commenting on the choice of song and choreography of the dance cover. Cardi B’s lyrics for ‘Press’ have sexual innuendos and the choreography has moves that do not seem appropriate for teenagers. 

One user tweeted, “I DIDN'T EXPECT THIS OMG THEY'RE SO GOOODD.” Another tweeted, “JYP never disappoint with the debuts.” One tweeted, “I told myself itzy will be the last jyp artist I'd stan bc im so tired of this sh***y company but how can i when they always debut amazing trainees????”




One Twitter user asked, “Genuine question JYP. is it necessary to a) debut minors and b) debut minors with a choreography that sexualises them or is sexual?” Another tweeted, “Jyp needs to f***ing stop s3xual1z1ng their young idols and trainees... THESE ARE 06 AND 04 LINERS BRO I DONT WANNA SEE EM DANCE TO CARDI B AND TWERK N SH*T....” One internet user commented, "What the .. the dance is so disturbing knowing they are all minor.."



A user commented on the JYPn dance cover (www.knetizen.com)