Why was Stray Kids 'NOEASY' teaser deleted? JYPE reuploads video, fans say it 'cost 800K views'

Stray Kids announced 'NOEASY' album with teaser video but then deleted and reuploaded it causing confusion among Stays

                            Why was Stray Kids 'NOEASY' teaser deleted? JYPE reuploads video, fans say it 'cost 800K views'
Stray Kids to have a comeback on August 23 with their second full album (@Stray_Kids/Twitter)

Stays have barely been able to control their excitement for a while. Stray Kids keep dropping news after news and seem to be at their busiest. Fans thought that the group would be resting after vigorously practicing for the survival show, ‘Kingdom’, which they ended up winning. But that’s a no. From Ryan Reynolds hilariously supporting Bang Chan and Stray Kids getting their first #1 on Billboard to Hyunjin returning, a lot has happened in the last few weeks. And now we are getting a comeback teaser.

It was already rumored that Stray Kids would be coming back in August with new music. But with all the members finally becoming active and the boys holding their first OT8 V Live in a while, the date seemed closer than ever. The eight-member group then confirmed their August comeback with a teaser video. However, there has been some confusion since it was deleted and reuploaded again a while later.


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Stray Kids in 'NOEASY' Thunderous Trailer (@Stray_Kids/Twitter)

Why was Stray Kids’ comeback teaser deleted?

On July 22 morning, which is pretty unusual timing, JYPE released Stray Kids’ teaser video. They confirmed that a month later, on August 23rd, Stray Kids would be returning with their 2nd full-length album ‘NOEASY’. Titled '‘NOEASY’ Thunderous Trailer', the teaser video had racked up almost 800K views before it was deleted.

Stays were confused as they wondered what the reason could be. With K-pop music videos know for their intricate storylines, fans started making theories to make sense of the video being deleted. Two hours later, JYPE again reuploaded the teaser video and as it seemed quite similar, fans couldn’t understand why the original video had been deleted. With statistics being important for brand reputation and records, they were disappointed that this mistake had cost the boys some views. 

After some detective work, Stays realized the video had been deleted because something had to be blurred out in the video. Since the blurred image happens to be random diagrams, fans are wondering whether it is part of the storyline, which further led to more theory-making. However, we are just glad that the fun, meta trailer is back up once more. The boys get ready to fight the monsters in an apocalyptic setting accompanied by intense, epic movie score-like instrumentals.

Watch the reuploaded teaser below:


‘What was the point’

One fan tweeted, “Y'all just cost us 800k views because you didnt think to blur diagrams before uploading the video?????.?. I need to talk to the person responsible.” A confused Stay tweeted, “I just woke up wait what happened ?? i'm confused.” One tweeted like the time on 'Kingdom' where Mnet had banned viewers from posting spoilers on social media and fans took to drawing them, “So much happened in the past 2 hours…” Another tweeted, “Trying to understand what was the point.”

One Stay tried to explain why it was deleted in the first place, “First they deleted it and i guess to blur out these ??? then they reuploaded it on freaking 6am istg bye im going to sleep.” Another fan had a new theory, “The beginning is blurrier so if they delete again they’ll possibly upload one that is even blurrier and this could possibly all be linked to “the view”. as in every time it comes into view it’s harder to see clearly?”







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