Stray Kids' Felix comments about winning 'Kingdom' in his very first solo shoot

Felix stated that since this was his first solo shoot, he was nervous and had studied certain poses in advance

                            Stray Kids' Felix comments about winning 'Kingdom' in his very first solo shoot
Felix (@Stray_Kids/Twitter)

It has been a good year for Stray Kids’ Felix and 2021 has not even come to an end. From strong stage performances and his wholesome interactions with other idols on ‘Kingdom’ to the newest single ‘Mixtape: OH’, we got to see different sides to the K-pop idol. And now he has bagged himself his first solo photoshoot and interview in the August issue of GQ Korea. With a magnetic concept, Felix showed off his charms as he intensely stared at the camera.

Previously, it was announced that all of Stray Kids were to appear in a pictorial spread for W Korea. Fans were excited for Felix’s second opportunity in the same month as he has time and again shown an interest in fashion and modelling. In the interview with GQ, Felix spoke about his experience on ‘Kingdom’, his home in Australia and what career he would go for had he not been an idol.

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Felix for GQ Korea (GQ Korea's Naver post)

Felix talks about winning ‘Kingdom’ with GQ

Felix stated that since this was his first solo shoot, he was nervous and had studied certain poses in advance. However, as he found his photos fascinating, he started gaining confidence. He also talked about being nervous about ‘Kingdom’ even though he practised. But he added that sometimes nervousness is good as it lets him focus. He also recounted the moment when Stray Kids was announced as Kingdom's winners and how his emotions were all over the place. He was happy that he was with his members as they gave each other energy making the experience even more special for Felix.

Known for mostly sporting light-colored hairstyles, Felix was also surprised with himself with the character that he created for ‘Kingdom’ performances with his black hair. It showed a serious side to him which was strange as back home he was always known as a jokester. He also added that ever since debuting he was more comfortable in starting conversations with people he didn’t know and had gotten better at handling his nervousness.

Felix for GQ Korea (GQ Korea's Naver post)


He also talked about being homesick and was reassured when his father said that he could always come back home whenever he wanted. Felix was only 17-years-old when he shifted from Australia to South Korea to train as an idol. So, when asked what message would he give his younger self, he replied that he would tell 17-year-old Felix not to worry since he would get a new family, referring to his Stray Kids members. He also found winter in Seoul more memorable and joked that Christmas in Australia meant hanging out at the beach and watching Santa Claus wear shorts.

When asked what he would do if he wasn’t an idol, Felix said that he had a vague idea. He always wanted to try and be a police officer. He also liked dabbling in woodwork and so could have tried making things with his hands. He also addressed his legendary deep voice and that he doesn’t do anything special except maybe drink warm water and honey. He also said that other than his voice he believed that his charm is being expressive while performing. And we got to see that as he acted in the fourth-wall-breaking trailer for ‘NOEASY’ where Stray Kids get together to fight a sound monster.

‘King Behaviour’

When the first sneak-peak of Felix's shoot was released, Twitter went crazy. And with GQ finally dropping the interview and the photos, Stays hyped him up. One fan tweeted by making a meme, “Lee Felix: Stays:.” A Stay addressed Felix's love for baking and tweeted, “Felix woke up from his world of brownies and chose violence.” Another tweeted, “Lee felix yongbok.. your duality.” One tweeted, “FELIX'S FIRST SOLO ISSUE AND HE'S ABSOLUTELY ROCKING IT! KING BEHAVIOUR.” Another tweeted, “ALL MODELS FOUND JOBLESS AFTER FELIX MODELS FOR GQ KOREA.”






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