Ryan Reynolds ropes in Bang Chan for ‘Free Guy’ interview, praises Stray Kids’ comeback

For Ryan Reynolds' latest film 'Free Guy', the press junket includes none other than Bang Chan who interviews the Hollywood star

                            Ryan Reynolds ropes in Bang Chan for ‘Free Guy’ interview, praises Stray Kids’ comeback
Reynolds and Chan for the interview (Naver TV)

Looks like Ryan Reynolds is doing his thing and charmingly taking over K-pop. From befriending the likes of Hyuna and EXO, he has now probably adopted Stray Kids. Ever since the fourth-gen boy group incorporated a Deadpool concept in their performance for ‘Kingdom’, Reynolds has gone gaga over them. He went on to gift them a signed bottle of his Aviation American Gin while the boys gave him a signed copy of their album in return.

He also noticed Bang Chan’s name on the ‘Bubble’ app which was Chris Reynolds and continued the inside joke by commenting it on Chan and Lee Know’s music video ‘Drive’. And their interactions just keep getting cuter. To promote his latest film ‘Free Guy’, Reynolds got Chan to post a hilarious Instagram photo that has his humor all over it. And that was just the beginning of it.

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Chan interviews Reynolds about 'Free Guy'

Reynolds and Chan then had a fan interview of sorts with each other which was released on August 12 on the South Korean platform ‘Naver TV’. From the very first second, the atmosphere was relaxed even though they were face-to-face with each other for the first time. Reynolds broke the ice by stating that he was more nervous than Chan and had lots of questions for him. He also saw that Chan was dressed as the protagonist of the film ‘Guy’ and cheered him by saying, “That’s my Guy!”

He also showered Stray Kids with a whole lot of praise by calling them amazing and saying that he had watched all of the teasers for the group’s latest comeback ‘NOEASY’. Chan was over the moon as he was smiling from ear to ear the whole time. When Reynolds stated that he wanted to steal the concept of music video merging with the action genre, Chan actually said "thank you" which the internet found endearing.

Chan and Reynolds for the interview (@realstraykids/Instagram)

There were several cute moments with Reynolds’ signature deadpan humor that fans loved like the moment when Chan said time was up, he stated that they should do it for 5 hours. He himself had questions for Stray Kids and confessed that he had watched all of their music videos. And Chan replied that Reynolds actually was their inspiration and they were happy that they could get to know each other.

But Chan composed himself and was professional with all the questions he asked for ‘Free Guy’. Reynolds also gave tidbits by revealing that ‘Free Guy’ was probably his favorite movie to shoot. He also explained that while he was the most nervous about a motorcycle stunt, that was his favorite scene since he did it in 3 takes and was satisfied with how it came out. Reynolds also stated that the film basically was for every normal person out there and that they could be something more if they wanted like ‘Guy’ who went from a background character to an unexpected hero.

Watch the whole interview on Naver TV.

'Nothing but wholesome'

Fans loved the interactions as they went on to trend Reynolds on Twitter. Stays were happy that Chan continued to have such wholesome interactions as they tweeted, “A few months ago chan went from “ryan reynolds probably doesnt know me” to interacting on twitter and exchanging gifts with ryan, being invited to the early screening of free guy, and now getting an interview with ryan himself,” and “The next photo will be bang chan holding ryan reynolds himself.”

They also loved how genuine Reynolds was as they commented, “RYAN REYNOLDS SAID SKZ ARE DOING THINGS THAT HAVE BASICALLY NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE WITH THEIR CONCEPTS AND HE WANTS TO STEAL IT IM WHEEZING,” and “I love how ryan reynolds never failed to compliment and give chan appreciation. i feel so happy for chan.” Another fan posted, “Wow, it's like a video call fansign between Bang Chan and Ryan Reynolds but they're both celebrity figures. Nothing but wholesome.”






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