Stray Kids unveils track ‘Domino’ from album ‘NOEASY’, fans welcome glittery teaser

Stray Kids unveils track ‘Domino’ from album ‘NOEASY’, fans welcome glittery teaser
Stray Kids unveils b-side tracks for 'NOEASY'(@Stray_Kids/Twitter)

Expectations are high with Stray Kids ready to drop their second full-length studio album ‘NOEASY’. But a lot of commotion is going on regarding it even before its scheduled release on August 23. First off, the boys won the survival show ‘Kingdom’ with the finale track ‘Wolfgang’, which is one of the b-sides of the album. Then we had Hyunjin officially return to the group from his hiatus with the release of the track ‘Mixtape: OH’. This particular b-side ended up getting the boys their first #1 on a Billboard chart.

Then there was slight confusion when JYPE deleted the first teaser of ‘NOEASY’ and reuploaded it. Fans were mad that they lost 800k views since there was no real reason to delete the teaser. Turns out, a diagram that no one had really noticed was supposed to be blurred and the first teaser didn’t have the blurred diagram. This of course had fans creating theories regarding the said diagram. And now we have the boys revealing their other b-side tracks like ‘Domino’.

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Stray Kids unveils b-side tracks for 'NOEASY'(@Stray_Kids/Twitter)

Stray Kids’ unveils b-sides for ‘NOEASY’

They also got a shoutout from none other than Ryan Reynolds. During an interview with Bang Chan, Reynolds praised the boys and said that he loved the idea of combining the action genre with music as seen in the ‘NOEASY’ teaser. The album has a total of 14 tracks with ‘Thunderous’ as the title track. Some of them have been pre-released like ‘Wolfgang’ and ‘Mixtape: OH’. We also got a bit of the track ‘Sorry, I Love You’ on Chan’s VLive. However, JYPE has chosen the tactic of dropping mini videos of the other b-sides. 

In fact, many fans joked that we might end up getting the whole album even before the release date. The first b-side to be revealed was ‘Cheese’. Since a week ago, we’ve been getting a series of mini music videos such as ‘UNVEIL : TRACK 1 “CHEESE”’. In this manner, we were given snippets of the tracks ‘Red Lights’, ‘Gone Away’, ‘Surfin’’ and ‘Domino’. ‘Domino’ was the latest b-side to get an unveiling music video on August 13. 

A while ago, Han had gone live on VLive and spoken about his day without giving away any hints, which is why fans got even a bigger whiplash as they got the ‘Domino’ teaser the moment the VLive ended. Han starts off ‘Domino’ with a bang and we get a fun music video with the boys eating pizza and sprinkling glitter on it. We also get the chorus which is in signature Stray Kids style - full of hypnotic trap sounds as the group parties in a confetti-filled room.

Watch the teaser video below.


‘Song of the year’

Fans had no idea what to focus on in the chaotic mini music video as they drew parallels with ‘Attack on Titan’ and found clever symbolism to the group’s sub-unit 3RACHA. One fan pointed out the duality of Han in his VLive and the music video, “Stays getting this contrast of han jisung in a span of 3 minutes................” Another noticed, “Someone pointed out how the sauce bottle could be referencing  "sriracha" or hot sauce which is the origin of 3racha's name! Domino is about skz and how the music they make creates a Domino effect in the industry so this could be a fun reference to their music producing unit!”

A Stay added, “There's really no way to predict skz next move. No one expected an unveil track for domino out of all bsides.” Fans also loved the glitter as seen with tweets like, “STRAY KIDS PUTTING THOSE SPARKLES ON THEIR PIZZA IS A METAPHOR ON THEM GIVING THEIR OWN FLAVOR TO THEIR MUSIC, A SPICE THAT ONLY STRAY KIDS HAVE,” and “Sorry to break it to people but they lied in god's menu. the secret ingredient has been revealed. it's glitter.” Another posted, “Do yall pronounce soty as "so-ti" or "song of the year"? bc i pronounce it as Domino.”








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