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 Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One

'Thank God': Fans sigh in relief as Angela Bassett likely to join 'Mission Impossible 8' cast

Following her absence in 'Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One', Angela Bassett is poised for a comeback in the upcoming installment
Apr 16, 2024

4th annual Critics Choice Super Awards: 'Mission Impossible', 'The Last of Us' lead nominated pack

Tom Cruise received a nomination for Best Actor in an Action Movie.
Mar 7, 2024

'He's playing Tina Turner': Tom Cruise mocked as he flaunts freshly dyed hair ahead of 'Mission: Impossible 8' filming

Tom Cruise showed off his highlighted hair as he boarded a helicopter to possibly make his way to film the eighth untitled 'Mission: Impossible' film
Nov 23, 2023

Tom Cruise's 'Mission Impossible 8' may change title from 'Dead Reckoning Part 2', Internet asks 'isn't it too late'

Netizens did not like possibility of a name change as many declared it was too late considering the previous film is called 'Dead Reckoning Part 1'
Oct 24, 2023

'Mission Impossible' stars ranked from richest to poorest

'Mission: Impossible' is one of the highest grossing franchises in Hollywood but what is the net worth figures for its stars?
Aug 26, 2023

How tall is Tom Cruise? ‘Mission Impossible’ star has been accused of wearing shoe lifts for movie premieres

Tom Cruise’s height has become a raging topic of discussion among his fans since the start of his career
Aug 4, 2023

Who did 'Mission: Impossible 7' director consider for the flashback sequence? Christopher McQuarrie says he wanted a famous actress

Christopher McQuarrie wanted to bring in a leading actress but then decided otherwise after calculating the cost they have to incur for a short role
Jul 27, 2023

Was Tom Cruise's 'Mission Impossible 7' copied from video game? 'Uncharted 2' creator Bruce Straley says film is 'sincerest form of flattery'

Tom Cruise's 'Mission Impossible 7' seemingly has set pieces inspired from the 'Uncharted 2' gameplay
Jul 18, 2023

Is ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ a flop? Five-day opening projection lowered to $78M domestically

'Mission Impossible: Fallout' faced a similar situation in 2018, earning only $60 million in its first three days
Jul 16, 2023

Who is Stephen 'Josh' Schofield? College student's plan to prank Tom Cruise at 'M:I 3' premiere in 2006 left Scientology on edge

Top Scientologists attempted to impose airspace restrictions to prevent Stephen 'Josh' Schofield from pulling off his prank during the 'Mission: Impossible 3' premiere
Jul 14, 2023

What does Connor Cruise do? Tom Cruise spotted out with rarely-seen son during 'MI: 7' promotions

Tom Cruise has been on a nonstop publicity trip with his family for his newest 'Mission Impossible' movie, 'Dead Reckoning Part One'
Jul 13, 2023

How much did Tom Cruise earn from 'Mission Impossible 7'? Exploring insane net worth of the mega star

Tom Cruise is one of the richest actors in the world but a lucrative deal for 'Mission Impossible 7' sets him on the course to becoming the wealthiest
Jul 12, 2023

Will there be a 'Mission Impossible 9'? Director Christopher McQuarrie teases future after 'Dead Reckoning Part I & II'

Even though McQuarrie spoke about the franchise's return after the conclusion of both parts of 'Dead Reckoning', he was silent on Cruise’s return
Jul 12, 2023

Can ‘Mission: Impossible-Dead Reckoning Part 1’ beat ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ at box office? Here’s all you need to know before Tom Cruise film releases

While ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ is poised to dominate the box office, it faces stiff competition from Tom Cruise's highest-grossing film, ‘Top Gun: Maverick’
Jul 12, 2023

How many 'Mission: Impossible' movies are there? Watch the action-packed movies in chronological order

The ‘Mission: Impossible’ film series spans seven thrilling movies, each delivering heart-pounding action and suspenseful espionage narratives
Jul 12, 2023

Tom Cruise wants you to watch 'Barbie' and 'Oppenheimer' over 'Mission Impossible 7', here's why

Tom Cruise urged fans to shift their attention from his highly-anticipated ‘MI7’ and focus on ‘Barbie’ and ‘Oppenheimer' instead
Jul 12, 2023

What was the budget of 'Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning'? Tom Cruise-led franchise aims to open big at Box Office

'Mission: Impossible 7' suffered various production delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic with its release date pushed further into 2023
Jul 12, 2023

Why is 'Mission: Impossible 7' called 'Dead Reckoning'? Tom Cruise gears up for another action-packed adventure

Stunts such as driving off from a cliff, filming fight sequences on a train and parachuting into chaos have increased the hype around 'MI7'
Jul 12, 2023

Why was 'Mission: Impossible 7' almost cancelled? Tom Cruise faced an uphill battle to release movie

Tom Cruise's 'Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One' had to stop filming seven times due to the Covid-19 pandemic
Jul 11, 2023

Tom Cruise, 61, looks sharp in sleek black suit at NYC premiere of 'Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning'

Tom Cruise arrived at the special screening held at the Lincoln Theater in high spirits
Jul 11, 2023