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Was Tom Cruise's 'Mission Impossible 7' copied from video game? 'Uncharted 2' creator Bruce Straley says film is 'sincerest form of flattery'

Tom Cruise's 'Mission Impossible 7' seemingly has set pieces inspired from the 'Uncharted 2' gameplay
UPDATED JUL 18, 2023
'Uncharted 2' video game cover (L) and one of the many Tom Cruise stunts in the 'Mission Impossible' franchise (Twitter/@bruce_straley, Paramount Pictures)
'Uncharted 2' video game cover (L) and one of the many Tom Cruise stunts in the 'Mission Impossible' franchise (Twitter/@bruce_straley, Paramount Pictures)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: While watching ‘Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part 1’, if you felt certain scenes seemed familiar and looked like a popular Playstation 3 game, don’t worry. You are not alone. Even the director of the game ‘Uncharted 2’ has found similarities. ‘Uncharted 2: Among Thieves’ game director Bruce Straley took to his social media to point out the similarities between the two fan-favorite productions. 

Sharing four side-by-side snaps from the ‘Mission: Impossible 7’ and ‘Uncharted 2’, Straley wrote, “ …the sincerest form of flattery!” He shared the dangling from the train scene image from the game along with the same set piece from the film. In the film, Tom Cruise, who plays Ethan Hunt, can be seen dangling from the roof of the moving train. Straley shared another pair of pictures where the protagonists can be seen holding onto the rails along the seats inside moving vehicles. Naturally, the social media post started a discussion among the fans with some even saying if another ‘Uncharted’ movie doesn’t materialize, they will just watch ‘Mission: Impossible 7’.


'You just made my month'

This is not the first time, however, that Tom Cruise's blockbuster franchise has drawn comparisons to the Naughty Dog game series. When the ‘Rogue Nation’ was releasing 2015, fans found similarities between the game and the film. When fans asked him where did he come up with the ideas, the director Christopher McQuarrie replied, "Group effort/Uncharted." To which, ‘Uncharted 3’ co-director Justin Richmond replied exuberantly, "You just made my month," as per Eurogamer.

'Now I have to watch it for sure'

One fan said, "I mean, it could be, but neither this movie nor uncharted 2 invented this train set piece." Straley's tweet, however, excited a fan to watch the movie, as they said, "Now I have to watch it for sure." Someone else not only loved the scene but also found the similarity while watching, "Loved it. I was like oh shit that’s uncharted lol."




Another shared, "I literally looked at my sister and whispered “ I feel like I’m in Uncharted 2”! In the theater. I’ve always described Uncharted to gamers who wanted to try it that it’s a Mission Impossible mixed with National Treasure kind of game." The fifth said, "Literally all I saw watching this scene and all I can think about was "come on Sony was it that hard to capture an uncharted set piece!"" Another netizen, who is fan of both the game series and the 'Mission: Impossible' franchise, wrote, "If we don't get another Uncharted movie, I guess we can just watch MI movies for the Uncharted action."




Someone else, however, said, "Uncharted was not the first form of media to do a hanging vehicle scene sorry." Another seemed to agree, "Uh, yeah, this is a fairly common shot. Whether it's a train car, an airplane, a trailer, a bus, or anything long and tubular that people can dangle precariously inside of. Uncharted wasn't breaking any ground here."