NCT 127 scores first win at 'M Countdown' with 'Sticker' beating Blackpink's Lisa

The member of NCT127 were not present for the episode but promised to appear next week as they thanked fans for voting for them

                            NCT 127 scores first win at 'M Countdown' with 'Sticker' beating Blackpink's Lisa
NCT127 takes the first win for 'Sticker' in the third week of September at Mnet's 'M Countdown' (@NCTsmtown_127/Twitter)

Appearances on music shows and winning awards is a tradition in K-pop. While other genres await for the once-in-a-year 'Award Show' to congratulate artists, K-pop has a different approach that ensures no act is left unnoticed. Music programs of South Korea are broadcast weekly, with artists who have made a comeback in the past few weeks competing with each other on shows to promote their music.

South Korea's largest broadcasting companies each have their own show, which are broadcast on different networks. SBS has 'Inkigayo', KBS has 'Music Bank', MBC has 'Music Core', MBC M has 'Show Champion', SBS MTV has 'The Show', and Mnet has 'M Countdown'. This week 'M Countdown' saw NCT 127 take their first-ever win for their recent release 'Sticker.' 


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NCT takes the first win for 'Sticker' at Mnet's M Countdown (@nct127/Instagram)

NCT127's 'Sticker' wins at 'M Countdown'

On September 23, NCT 127’s 'Sticker' competed with Blackpink's Lisa's solo release 'Lalisa.' With the success, Lisa has been seeing at music shows, NCTzens were skeptical for NCT 127 as they wondered if the boys could take a win against Lisa who has been rocking charts, sales and music shows without good promotion from SM Entertainment.

It was reported that as the two battled in the final, NCT 127's 'Sticker' took their first win on the show. As both acts were not present on stage, a video clip was aired with NCT members Jhonny, Taeyong, and Haechan thanking fans for voting for them. In their video speech, the three members said, "We’ve finally got our first win. All our members could not be with us right now, but we want our fans to wait for us as we will make an appearance on 'M Countdown' next week. We ask for everyone’s anticipation and support until then. We hope that our fans will stay happy and healthy."


Taeil thanks fans

After their win, NCT 127's Taeil posted a tweet on NCT 127's official Twitter handle and thanked fans saying, "Thank you so much NCTzennies for making us win the 1st place with 'Sticker.' I could feel how strong NCTzennies’ power is. I will work hard to repay you even more." This fourth week of September saw a flashback at Mnet's 'M Countdown' as fans and idols celebrated the Harvest Holiday.


A flashback show at 'M Countdown'

The show did not have any new performances but saw a telecast with a repeat airing of old performances with the theme of 2021 Fall Special. This special episode aired some Chuseok performances from groups along with some autumn specials. The network also made an announcement of October 2021 comebacks from acts like Enhypen, aespa, Treasure, Itzy, The Boyz, and Seventeen by airing their older performances.

Other than that, a preview for next week's episode of 'M Countdown' promised performances from NCT 127, Yang Yoseop, Ciipher, Hot Issue, Do Han Se, SHINee's Key, ITZY, and AB6IX.


'Congratulations boys'

Fans congratulated the boys for their first win for 'Sticker', saying, "SO PROUD CONGRATS BOYSSSSSSS." Another fan said, "CONGRATS BOYSSSS YALL DESERVE IT." One fan said, "Bestie congrats on your first win!! ily." One more fan chimed in saying, "WOAAHHHH sticker 1st winnnnnnn. Wowww congratulations."










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