Who is STICKER? NCT 127's video teaser makes NCTzens go crazy with 'new meaning' of duality

NCT 127 hints at a comeback after members appear as college students by the day and technical geeks by the night

                            Who is STICKER? NCT 127's video teaser makes NCTzens go crazy with 'new meaning' of duality
NCT 127 hints at a comeback with concept photos and a teaser video (NCT 127/YouTube)

NCTzens have been waiting for a group comeback from the members of NCT for quite some time now. The 23-member group came together for a two-part studio album titled  ‘NCT Resonance’ that was released in October and November of 2020. Other projects from NCT’s official sub-units like NCT Dream’s ‘Hot Sauce’ released in May 2021 and NCT 127 released ‘Neo Zone’ in March of 2020 while their Chinese sub-unit WayV released ‘Awaken the World’ in June, 2020.

Other than this, a few of NCT’s members had duo or solo releases but nothing keeps the members of NCT as engaged as a full-length studio album. This is probably what is in the works with NCT 127 now as the group’s Instagram profile was flooded with updates. The display icon changed into a University logo with NCIT 127 which means Neo Culture Institute of Technology. They also added NCDC to their bio which means NCIT Coding Crew. This could quite possibly be the concept for their next studio album.


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NCT 127 members as University students during the day (@nct127/Instagram)

Concept Photos

The concept photos had the members of NCT 127 in 2 different roles. Each member was dressed in casuals for their first set of concept photos where they played the engineering students who were in their dorm rooms during the day with warm undertones in the background.

The next set of photos was released with a complete paradigm shift to casually-dressed boys. They all wore dark-colored clothes with wine bottles, keyboards, and computers in the background to show their night-life as hackers with cool undertones in the background. 

NCT 127 members as secret hackers by the night (@nct127/Instagram)


One video teaser was dropped on August 21 cause more chaos among the fandom. The K-pop group released, 'NCT 127: Who is STICKER' through their official social media accounts at 12 AM KST (11 PM ET) to show the duality of the members of NCT 127. The teaser begins with the boys working on their equipment as students of engineering while some members read books and others made coffee.

Suddenly the lights go off and the boys turn their study room into a tech room where the boys turn into chic hackers. It is suspected that hints related to the new album are hidden in various places in the video. Watch the video below:


Fans are thrilled

NCTzens are thrilled to see the members in their dual roles and this is how they have taken to Twitter to react to these teasers. Fans made memes to react to NCT's duality. They also said, "NCT 127's duality can make this fandome go insane." while another fan theorized, "Nct 127 said that they’ll have 2 title tracks in this comeback, maybe they’ll drop 2 mv. the first concept for the mv is them being in the NCIT and the second one is them in the STICK."








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