NCT 127 becomes million sellers again as Sticker pre-orders hit 1.32M in 24 hours

NCT 127's upcoming album 'Sticker' hits 1.32M sales in just 24 hours after the pre-orders began

                            NCT 127 becomes million sellers again as Sticker pre-orders hit 1.32M in 24 hours
NCT 127 for 'Sticker' (@nct127/Instagram)

It looks like 2021 is a good year for NCT. After the positive reception of NCT 2020's ‘Resonance’ and the two new members Sungchan and Shotaro, the members dispersed into their separate fixed sub-units. We had NCT Dream become triple million sellers with their albums ‘Hot Sauce’ and ‘Hello Future’. WayV’s EP ‘Kick Back’ was #1 on Gaon Chart and was also certified platinum in South Korea.

Not to be outdone, NCT 127’s Japanese release ‘Loveholic’ topped Japan’s Oricon Chart and Billboard Japan. Additionally, it was also certified gold by Japan’s recording industry association RIAJ. And after NCT Dream made K-pop history, NCTzens waited with bated breath to see how NCT 127’s upcoming album ‘Sticker’ would be received. And it looks like they’re already set to become a million sellers even before the album is out.

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NCT 127 become million sellers again with ‘Sticker’

Last week, SM teased NCT 127’s fourth studio album ‘Sticker’. The album is set to be released on September 17. And pre-orders for the album began on August 23. While the 24-hour mark hasn’t yet been reached, it has been announced that there have been 1.32 million pre-orders. This is NCT 127’s first album to have surpassed a million pre-orders. 

It is also their second album to surpass a million sales in general with ‘Neo Zone’ being the first album to do so in 2020. But many believe that the total sales for ‘Sticker’ will be much higher than ‘Neo Zone’s’ since the former has already hit the million mark weeks before its release. NCTzens are impressed and pleased as ‘Neo Zone’ only reached 530k pre-orders till the very last date before its release.



It does seem like everyone is excited for ‘Sticker’. The group announced the news of the album in the most creative way by introducing ‘NCIT’, a university concept on Instagram. Jungwoo and Haechan, the remaining two NCT 127 members who didn’t have an Instagram launched theirs and everyone changed their layout to a college major and graduation batch. But it wouldn’t be so easy, as in the next concept teaser, we got a darker atmosphere as the boys seem like they’re some kind of hackers. The boys will also have a spoiler VLive today on August 24 at 8 pm KST (7 am ET).

'So proud'

Fans trended ‘#NCT127STICKER_MillionSeller’ and ‘#STICKER_1MillionPreOrders’ to congratulate the boys. Happy fans also celebrated by throwing giveaways of the albums for other NCTzens. Many posted supportive tweets like, “Official promotions have barely started, the wait was so anticipated that in 1 day @NCTsmtown_127 got 1.32 million sales pre-order! Sneezing face YOOOOH, LEZGEDDIT!!!!!” “Notice how the weather becomes nice and the air is so soothing and calming and the sun is just beautiful after the nct 127 1.3 million pre order news yes my boys did that,” and “From neozone having 530,000 pre-order sales on D-1 of its release to 1.32 million after D-1 of preorders! goosebumps I am crying I so proud! NCT 127's POWER.”

One fan joked, “Czennies said, “yeah we broke but we also break records.” Another brought back NCT 127’s ‘Regular’ lyrics, “They really said: VVS my diamonds i dont need no light to shine iced out both my wrists, now i can barely see the time i just made a million and im still not satisfied cause i need a bag on the regular i spend a bag on the regular.”