Taeyong and Johnny trend as NCT 127 drops sci-fi Western music video for 'Sticker'

Sci-fi meets the Wild West in NCT 127's 'Sticker' music video for their latest album

                            Taeyong and Johnny trend as NCT 127 drops sci-fi Western music video for 'Sticker'
NCT 127's Johnny, Yuta and Taeyong in 'Sticker' music video (SMTOWN/YouTube)

NCT 127 is back after almost a year with their fourth studio album ‘Sticker’. The much-awaited comeback has been breaking records even before its release as NCT 127 became a million sellers on the same day the pre-orders were announced. And on September 16, they became double million sellers with 2.12 million pre-orders. Not only that, it has made Mark and Haechan eight million sellers while Yuta is the only Japanese K-pop idol with five million-selling albums total. And now the ‘Sticker’ music video has garnered more attention.

The album and the sci-fi music video for ‘Sticker’ were released on September 17. NCTzens have been eagerly waiting for the music video ever since the concept photos dropped. The boys were seen decked in chic satin outfits and denim cowboy looks in vibrant setups. In the music video teaser, we saw the boys channeling a futuristic Wild West with NCT 127 dueling with each other. And Taeyong and Johnny have caught fans’ eye in the sci-fi music video.


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Taeyong in 'Sticker' music video (SMTOWN/YouTube)

Taeyong starts off the 'Sticker' music video

NCT 127 is been known for experimental songs and noise music. And ‘Sticker’ pushes the envelope with a strong flute melody combined with trap and hip-hop sounds in the arrangement. And the music video is as exciting as the song. The leader of NCT, Taeyong starts off ‘Sticker’ as he sports a flaming suit in a futuristic saloon seen in the Old West. The neon-colored holograms do nothing to prepare us as ‘Sticker’ takes us on a wild ride as the boys dance in blinged-up cowboy getups with sci-fi lassos and mechanical bulls.

Johnny in 'Sticker' music video (SMTOWN/YouTube)

Johnny steals spotlight in 'Sticker' music video

Johnny steals the spotlight during the bridge as he changes the pace with his rap before we get into the dance break. Showing off his tattoos and dressed in sleek black shirts that emphasize his toned body and abs, fans couldn’t get over Johnny’s scenes. In earlier NCT comebacks, he did not have much screentime or lines but since 'Neo Zone', that is being remedied and Johfams (Johnny’s fandom) are happy for him.

'Sticker' music video (SMTOWN/YouTube)

With the ‘Sticker’ music video being an amalgamation of traditional flute music, intense choreography and sci-fi CGI, there were several highlights like Jungwoo shooting hearts and getting his heart shot while Jaehyun punching the camera is an innovative transition for the bridge. NCT 127 proves that no one can do noise music better than them with Taeil and Doyoung harmonizing with their falsettos that complements the experimental hip-hop song. 

'NCT Print'

Fans have been trending Taeyong, Johnny and NCT127_Sticker the moment the album was released. Taeyong fans made tweets like, “NCT Leader, NCT Print, NCT Brand, LEE TAEYONG,” and “The transition from silhouette to full color. GLORIOUS. DANCE LINES ARE IMPECCABLE.” Johnny fans made posts like, “POV: #JOHNNY just became your bias. Welcome to the family,” and “CENTER #JOHNNY IS ALL THAT MATTERS.”





One fan added, “The way he smiled before beating the camera.” Another said, “Taeil said forget about the troubling world and I did.” One commented, “Mark lee doing this part of the #NCT127_Sticker choreo like he be getting paid a different paycheck.” Another posted, “The only cupid i believe.” “Centre Yuta, that’s him,” said a Yuta fan. One tweeted, “THAT GROWL.... HAECHAN OH LORD.” Another posted, “Doyoung insane vocals during chorus to the end …. DOYOUNG I KNOW U ARE AMAZING BUT HOW DO U SOUND THIS CRAZY GOOD.” “They really ate every concept,” posted one NCTzen.









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