NCT 127 'Sticker': Tracklist, MV teaser and all about the 2 million pre-ordered album

NCT 127 'Sticker': Tracklist, MV teaser and all about the 2 million pre-ordered album
NCT 127 for Sticker (@nct127/Instagram)

NCity was in chaos when it was revealed that NCT 127’s ‘Sticker’ had one million pre-orders just 24 hours after its announcement. The group was already a million-seller with their previous album ‘Neo Zone’ but that had taken days after its release to reach this milestone. But ‘Sticker’ became the highest and fastest pre-ordered album on the first day itself. Not to be lax, NCTzens decided to take it one step further and get the boy group another achievement before the release. On September 16, one day before ‘Sticker’ release, it was revealed that it had received 2.12 million pre-orders in total. 

This makes it the highest and first two million pre-ordered album from SM Entertainment. Not only that, this has added a feather in the cap of three NCT members. Haechan and Mark have become the only and youngest SM artists to have three double million-seller albums with NCT 2020’s ‘Resonance’, NCT Dream’s ‘Hot Sauce’ and ‘Sticker’. Additionally, they’re eight million sellers because they’re a part of NCT Dream whose ‘Hot Sauce’ and ‘Hello Future’ combined have sold more than three million copies. We also have Yuta who has become the only Japanese idol who is a five million-seller with ‘Neo Zone’, ‘NCT Resonance’ and ‘Sticker’.


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Well, here’s everything about NCT 127's exciting album that has reached so many milestones even before its release. If you want to know the release date, how to still pre-order, and buy album merch, check this article.


1. ‘Sticker’ - Title track
2. ‘Lemonade’
3. ‘Breakfast’
4. ‘Focus’
5. ‘The Rainy Night;
6. ‘Far’
7. ‘Bring the Noize’
8. ‘Magic Carpet Ride’
9. ‘Road Trip’
10. ‘Dreamer’
11. ‘Promise You’

NCT 127 for Sticky concept (@nct127/Instagram)

Mark and Taeyong have written their verses for ‘Sticker’. From the titles of the songs, it looks like they’re playing on the fantastical elements in the university concept that they first introduced for ‘Sticker’. The boys have also been releasing mini videos for some of the tracks and they have been quite dynamic as they have experimented with several genres from ballads to noise music.

‘Sticker’ tries to spread a positive message of being with one’s loved ones and making our own history. ‘Lemonade’ is a dance song with hip-hop elements and 808 sounds and is about being confident. ‘Bring The Noize’ experiments with trap and hip-hop and makes use of electro synths and heavy bass sounds. ‘Road Trip’ is a fun pop song while ‘Dreamer’ has a retro arrangement full of energetic brass sounds with positive lyrics of forgetting one’s worries and dreaming together. 

‘Focus’ is said to be a laidback R&B song with guitar riffs and a catchy bassline. ‘Magic Carpet Ride’ combines R&B and pop-ballad while ‘Breakfast’ is an upbeat future house track with major synths. ‘Far’ on the other hand is an intense dance-pop song. ‘The Rainy Night’ is a calm and soft pop ballad while the album ends with ‘Promise You’ which is a pop song with synths and energetic beats.

NCT 127 for Seoul City concept (@nct127/Instagram)

Music video teaser

The boys are channeling their inner Wild West with cowboy duels in neon props with a rhythmic flute melody in the background. NCT 127 also released mini music videos for four of the tracks.

Watch the teaser below:



Watch the 'Dreamer' track below:


Watch the 'Magic Carpet Ride' track below.


Watch the 'Road Trip' track below.


Watch the 'Lemonade' track below:



NCT 127 first teased the album with a university concept teaser. They then released three sets of concept photos -- Sticky, Seoul City and Sticker. They also dropped teasers for four of the track mini music videos. In the Sticky concept photos, the boys are dressed in bright-colored outfits with sticky props like candy or syrup. In Seoul City, they're photographed in front of the Seoul landscape at night. For the Sticker version, they're dressed in satin and denim as seen in the music video teaser.

NCT 127 for Sticker concept (@nct127/Instagram)


September 17 - The Late Late Show With James Corden. ‘Sticker’s’ performance will have its TV debut on the British late-night talk show hosted by James Corden at 1:37 pm KST (September 16 at 12:37 am PDT) on CBS. It will also be available on their YouTube channel. September 18 - Comeback show - The boys will be live-streaming their comeback show on NCT 127’s YouTube channel and SBS MTV channel at 1 pm KST (12 am ET).
September 19 - ‘Inkigayo’ at 3:50 pm KST (2:50 am ET).

Release date and where to stream

‘Sticker’ will be released on September 17 at 1 pm KST (12 am ET) on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more.

NCT 127 for Seoul City concept (@nct127/Instagram)

'So proud'

NCTzens were excited about the music video teaser and the two million pre-orders that they trended #NCT127STICKER_MVTeaser and #STICKER_2MillionPreOrders. They made posts like, “NCT 127 really said ‘i just made a million and i’m still not satisfied’ now here they are with 2M pre-orders,” “One day before the official release of the album and we accumulated 2.12M pre-orders alr, there is still a  repackage. I AM SO PROUD OF THIS BOYS SO MUCH, LOOK HOW FAR THEY'VE COME NCT UNITS KEEP ON DOMINATING THIS YEAR'S RECORDS,” and “The highest and the fastest...IM SO PROUD OF NCT 127 FOR REAL.”

Fans were also hyped about the music video teaser as they tweeted, “Still can't move on with this Loudly crying face they're effortlessly attractive,” “ATTENTION!! If you know an NCTzen, please check on them. They have just been ATTACKED,” and “But can we appreciate the silhouette gosh it's soooo pretty.”







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