NCT 127 to be first idol hosts for 'SNL Korea' reboot but fans are afraid for them

'SNL Korea' has a problematic reputation and fans do not want NCT 127 to be associated with the reboot

                            NCT 127 to be first idol hosts for 'SNL Korea' reboot but fans are afraid for them
NCT 127 to host 'SNL Korea' reboot (@NCTsmtown_127, @CoupangPlay/Twitter)

Earlier when the OTT platform Coupang Play and Ace Story announced that they would be rebooting 'Saturday Night Live Korea' ('SNL Korea') which is a spin-off of the American comedy skit show 'SNL', it got a lukewarm reaction. But after SM Entertainment confirmed that Red Velvet’s Wendy would be a part of the regular cast of the reboot, it caused an uproar among Reveluvs (Red Velvet’s fandom). And now similarly fans are not happy that NCT 127 has been roped in as the first idol guest hosts of the 'SNL Korea' reboot.

Korean news agencies confirmed on September 23 that SM had booked NCT 127 for the 'SNL Korea' reboot. Initially, some NCTzens (NCT’s fandom) were happy for the boys. But after Korean fans showed their displeasure and the research Reveluvs had done on the show after Wendy’s announcement cropped up, fans are unhappy that SM is booking their artists on such a problematic show.


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NCT 127 to be the first hosts of 'SNL Korea' reboot

'SNL Korea' was originally produced by tvN and it was forced to end after serious allegations were made against them. There were controversies of female crew members sexually harassing boy groups, making racist jokes and even mocking a breast cancer survivor. They continued their inappropriate behavior even after apologizing, claiming that it was all part of fun hazing rituals. But viewers had had enough and the ratings of the show fell after which it was canceled.


Many hoped that the 'SNL Korea' reboot would be different but the cast members include familiar faces who were accomplices to the misbehavior of their fellow cast members like Shin Dong-yup, Jung Sang-hoon, Ahn Young-mi, Kim Min-kyo and Kwon Hyuk-soo. It does have new cast members like Lee Byung-hun, Ha Ji-won, Jessi and Jo Jung-suk and the reboot’s production has promised that they will not follow in the footsteps of the original show. However, Korean fans are afraid that the already tarnished name of the show will damage NCT 127 and Wendy’s reputations.

'Doesn't feel right'

Fans initially posted congratulatory tweets like, “NCT 127 will be the first idol host for SNL KOREA” so true,” and “I don't care that much for SNL Korea but I'm excited for the neos to show more their acting skills and comedy abilities.” But soon the reactions got negative, “Snl korea is problematic and the jokes are sometimes too mature why they choose to send nct127 there at the first place when the boys are more than willing to appear on knowing brothers.” One NCTzen commented, “I don’t know why this snl korea with nct 127 worries me too much, it doesn’t feel right to me.”

Another added, “Just google snl korea then u guys will know why k fans are mad.” One excited fan soon changed their mind, “I thought snl korea were okay now im kinda worried :// hoping they’ll give 127 a decent content.” “Whoever the marketing coordinator is at SM, I don't think they're in tune to fans wishes for promotions. I'm happy #NCT127 got MMTG and Late Late Show but come on. Not Amazing Saturday, Knowing Bros but SNL Korea? It was hated and ended to lukewarm responses,” said another NCTzen.








The 'SNL Korea' reboot is set to air every Saturday from September 25 at 10 pm KST (9 am ET) on Coupang Play.

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